Make Our Song Ours

What is the special song between the two of you? You know, the one with which you identify as a couple? “Your song”?

Romance your sweetheart with your rewrite of “your” song. Alter the words so they become unique to the two of you.

Let’s say “your song” is “Cherish (The Love We Have)”. You might modify it like this:

Let’s take our walk together, Cindy, near Pismo shore
Hand in hand you and I
Let’s cherish the lifetime we’ve been given
Since that day in ’85 . . . .

You get the idea. Make it your very own. And don’t worry if it’s kinda clunky. It’s yours.

What’s your song?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

Feel free to share this blog. I only ask credit as its originator.

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What’s Most Romantic

Which of the following would you consider the most romantic?

  1. Long, slow, full-frontal hug?
  2. Thirty-second, passionate kiss?
  3. Full massage?
  4. Holding your sweetheart’s hand?

Take a slow moment and think about it. Ask yourself which of these would you consider the most romantic to receive from your sweetheart.

I’ll acknowledge these all involve touch. And you may not be into touching. That’s alright. I’m inviting you to consider the above and select which you would consider most romantic.

If you’re brave, send me your answer. After all, I am curious, and a continuing student of romance.

For your consideration.

The passionate kiss and massage are usually done in private. If someone is around or comes around, it’s awkward and the moment evaporates. We don’t want people observing us in this intimate moment.

The hug could be done either in public or private, though there might be some discomfort at having an audience. We usually are at ease lingering in a private hug. Stoking and caressing are more freely transpire during a secluded moment.

Holding hands. Now that’s a different story. It brings the following elements into the moment:

  • You can be involved in another activity while holding hands (i.e. walking, sitting, in a meeting) ;
  • It tells others we have a special relationship; and
  • Hand squeezing and caressing can surreptitiously amplify the moment.

Holding hands is a comfortable activity with which you can romance your sweetheart. There’s no awkward moments of PDA or concern about what others might think. It feels natural.

Each of the activities listed above would be considered romantic. Yet the act of holding hands is the simplest, most flexible way of romancing your sweetheart. It says so much with so little. That’s why I consider it the most romantic of the 4 items.

Tell me if you agree.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

Feel free to share this blog. I only ask credit for its creation.

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Romantic Double Entrendres

Start a conversation with your sweetheart.  Make it innocuous, with no specific destination or purpose

Without warning or fanfare, add a subtle double entendre. Make it as innocent as possible. See if your sweetheart picks up on it.

Whether your sweetheart does or does not acknowledge it, add another to the conversation.

See how long and how many double entendres you can come up with. Your sweetheart will probably pick up on what you’re doing. When she/he realizes what’s going on, they’ll likely join it. Don’t be intimidated and have fun.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

Feel free to share this blog if you provide appropriate credit.

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Subtle Romance

She looked stunning in her blue, ruffled dress. The halo of frangipani flowers set off her dark hair. She seemed to glide like a bird slowly soaring just a few feet above the ground

The audience was caught up in the magic of the moment. They strained to capture a photograph.

Her sweetheart had a smile, you know the one couples display indicating there is a special connection going on there.

A few in their entourage smiled appreciatively, realizing the subtle whisper of romance between her and her sweetheart.

Meghan and her sweetheart Harry were on a visit to Fiji. And according Fijian custom, native blooms (frangipani) are often used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the bond of matrimony.

Harry caught the message.

Meghan had deliberately romanced her sweetheart in a subtle but unmistakable manner. You might consider taking a hint from Meghan.

Remember when we were in elementary school and shared a secret with someone, especially when no one else was privy to that secret?  You had an exclusive relationship. After telling this secret, you might have just glanced at each other and giggled or given a knowing grin.

When you romance your sweetheart subtly, in a manner which is special to just the two of you, it is like a grownup giggle or grin.

How could you subtly romance your sweetheart in public without anyone else knowing? What special message could you adroitly scream to your sweetheart?

  • Is there an outfit you could wear?
  • A place to visit that has a special meaning between you?
  • Is there a music group with a song that’ll bring back memories?

Your secret agent assignment, should you choose to accept it, sometime this week find a way to subtly romance your sweetheart in public. If your sweetheart misses the message, try again. And if that doesn’t work, try another message. Subtly is very romantic.

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

You can share this blog if you provide appropriate credit.

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Squeeze a Romantic Interlude

Intimate touch provides moments of powerful connection with your sweetheart. Especially when it’s unexpected and without expectations.

Sometime in the next week, when the two of are walking together and come to a stop, coolly step behind your sweetheart. Put your arms around your sweetheart in an affectionate and appropriate way. Then linger in the embrace for a couple moments. Melt into your sweetheart’s back or let your sweetheart melt into your arms.

Release and continue the walk as if nothing unusual happened.

You’ll find that momentary romantic cuddle will linger between you for an extended period, providing an intimate connection.

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Rescue Your Sweetheart’s Day

Sunset ignited the clouds in reds and oranges, burning against a cobalt sky.

Henry didn’t notice.

Instead, he grumbled about arriving at the Gentle Giant Bookstore before the sunrise and had the sun even worked today? He had.

It’d been a very long, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  • Sue’s daughter was sick, so she was a no-show;
  • Payroll screwed up and James’ pay didn’t deposit last night;
  • Someone thought it’d be fun to flush a whole roll of toilet paper. It wasn’t;
  • And now there was an overturned cattle truck on I-285, in his lane.

Henry slumped in the driver’s seat and wondered if he’d be home before midnight.

Phone rang. A call from Vickie. “Wonder what broke at home?”, he moaned before answering.

Hey babe”, Vickie intoned in her sassiest, sultry voice. “Your text messages left me figuring you’ve had a very long, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day so I’m picking up some gnocchi al pesto from Gino’s and will have a chilled bottle of Gewürztraminer waiting for you when you get home.”

Henry’s day changed in 15 seconds.

Romance isn’t always moonlight walks and slow dancing. There may be no massages or sapphires. And you don’t need handwritten notes or whispered sweet nothings.

Sometimes romance is changing the trajectory of your sweetheart’s day.

I write about investing time to discovery how your sweetheart prefers to be romanced. Being observant about your sweetheart’s actions and reactions provides clues into her/his preference.

That same skill of observation helps you discover when your sweetheart’s day has gone off the rails. Then, using that insight, you create a distraction for your sweetheart. You become the agent to alter your sweetheart’s day, moving from what’s transpired into quiet moments together, moments to refresh your sweetheart’s soul.

In doing so, you create your Romantic Interlude.

How will you rescue your sweetheart’s day?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Is there something your sweetheart has always talked of doing? Maybe painting, or playing drums, or driving a NASCAR?

Give your sweetheart a small gift which will gently put him/her in a position to make that wish come true.

For example, buy a couple painting classes or drum lessons. Purchase a gift certificate for a driving school. Buy a fly rod. Give them permission and the means to do what they’ve been putting off.

When you give your sweetheart that little gift, include a note. Let your sweetheart know you’re looking forward to seeing the smile on his/her face.

Then let them stretch themselves. And be their cheerleader.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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