A Quiet Place For Romance

A year ago they’d purchased a new house, at least it was new to them. It was charming and just their size, though it had a bit of an unusual layout.

What to do with this one room?

It wasn’t a bedroom, no closet. Too small for a dining room or office. And it was located down a hall, kinda by itself.

Jake had a plan for this room. It involved a medium size couch, a TV, small sound system and adjustable lighting.

His sweetheart definitely approved.

It was the perfect size for:

  • Uninterrupted talking,
  • Listening to one of their favorite artists, like Whitney or John Michael Montgomery.
  • Snuggling up to watch “From Here To Eternity”.

Does that sound boring to you, just sitting there and not accomplishing anything?

Jake’s sweetheart’s preferred way to be romanced was with the gift of time together. She enjoyed sharing her day with him, which might lead to an intimate discussion of deeply personal feelings, which might lead to snuggling up close.

It didn’t matter if they achieved anything. Didn’t matter whether the conversation got deep or not. She just liked having time dedicated to the two of them being together.

If your sweetheart’s preferred way to be romanced is with the gift of time together, look for Romantic Interludes which may not have a detailed itinerary, Interludes with lots of non-agenda time.

Activities” might include:

  • A quiet, lingering dinner at home,
  • A stroll along a stream or in a park,
  • A relaxed drive on a backroad to a small café.

You can romance your time-together-loving-sweetheart by slowing down, turning off interruptions and enjoying time for just the two of you. You will create shared memories prized by both of you. And you’ll romance your sweetheart how your sweetheart appreciates being romanced.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Kissing Duel

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” Ingrid Bergman.

Challenge your sweetheart to a kissing duel. Set a time and place.

Three rules for the kissing duel.

1.    Remove all distractions, especially electronic ones.

2.    The location must be calm and comfortable for both.

3.    No spectators or timeclocks.

 The winner is the creator of the most original kiss. 

Take turns kissing the other until each has initiated five kisses. Allow time for a prelude and postlude to each kiss.

The winner, of course, is both of you.  Enjoy.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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A Fairy Tale Romance

Once upon a time, Ann created a Romantic Interlude just for Joe.

It was a wish-upon-a-star evening.

When Ann removed his blindfold, Joe discovered a magical wonderland. His eyes widened as he saw twinkling lights in the trees surrounding the chandelier hanging above the candle-lit table dressed in lace. The aroma of beef stroganoff with garlic sauce titillated his nose. A bottle of Gewurztraminer chilled to12 degrees Celsius waited to be uncorked. And gently wafting through the air, selections of his favorite tunes.

A Disney fairytale couldn’t have been more bewitching.

She’d thrown herself into their counselor’s assignment for each to prepare a Romantic Interlude for the other. She didn’t say Romantic Interlude, though it accurately described what each was to create for the other.

Imagine your sweetheart preparing a Romantic Interlude for you. What kind of Interlude would he/she create?

  • Would there be smoked salmon, chocolate, flowers and Bocelli?
  • Maybe aromatic candles, dimmed lights and massage oil?
  • How about gentle surf and a million stars?

I’d like to suggest that more than anything, that Interlude would be a view into what’s romantic to your sweetheart.

Unless you’ve both read my book, “Growing Romance”, each Romantic Interlude would probably tell more about what the provider of the Interlude considers romantic than what the receiver finds romantic.

This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’d be a great opportunity for you to learn how your sweetheart prefers to be romanced:

  • Words,
  • Touch,
  • Little Gifts, or
  • The gift of your Time.

You don’t have to wait for a counselor to give you the task of creating Romantic Interludes. Suggest to your sweetheart that you exchange Romantic Interludes. You create the first one. Then observe the Interlude your sweetheart creates.

And maybe, if you wish upon that star, your Romantic Interlude fairy tale might come true.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Backward Romantic Dinner

Invite your sweetheart for a backwards dinner date.

Start the date by meeting your sweetheart with a long, lingering kiss. Say you really enjoyed the evening and hope you can do it again sometime . . . very soon.

Now, walk with your sweetheart to the car and drive to the restaurant.

When the server hands you the menus, tell him/her that life’s uncertain and you’ll have dessert first. Order a dessert to share along with coffee.

After eating dessert, ask for the regular menu. Order your entrees. Then after consuming the entrees, order a starter or salad.

I dare you to tell me that won’t be a date your both remember.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

For more Romantic Interlude ideas, find my e-book on Amazon, A Year of Romantic Interludes.

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Romance Like a King or Queen

Would you rather be asked for a partnership with a monarch or a pauper?

I’ll bet the idea of a partnering with a sovereign sounds more attractive. It isn’t the financial differences between them that causes you to admit you prefer royalty.

That attraction probably stems from their traits:

  • Decisive actions, not waiting for someone else to act first.
  • Strong values and beliefs.
  • Confidence that inspires others.

Even in those moments when circumstances seem to be insurmountable, a good queen or king stands firm, un-swayed by the maelstrom surrounding them.

Let me ask a slightly different question. Would your sweetheart rather be romanced by a monarch or pauper?

Most would rather be romanced by a king/queen instead of a pauper or a duke or duchess. It’s because of the traits listed above.  They’re attracted to them and value what they say and do.

Most of us will never be in the presence of a throne-seated sovereign. Few, if any of us will be romanced by a head of state. Yet you can romance your sweetheart like a king or queen.

  1. Romance Proactively.

Take the initiative. Create the Romantic Interlude. Don’t wait for a providence or fortune to spray enchanted love water. Look for ways to romance.

  1. Romance Respectfully.

Respect your sweetheart. Respect her/his preferences. Respect them as a person above them as your sweetheart.

  1. Romance Boldly and Confidently.

Nothing is as attractive as confidence. And you can be confident your sweetheart wants to be romanced by you. From that foundation belief and knowledge, go for it. No matter the reception, carry through with the Interlude.

Now it’s your turn to romance your sweetheart like a monarch. It’s not to “rule” over her/him. It’s romancing with the traits of a sovereign and romance your sweetheart like a king/queen.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Tutoring Romantic Interlude

Many schools have volunteer tutoring programs to provide students with extra help outside the classroom. A volunteering Romantic Interlude leaves you feeling good while creating a shared memory.

Invite your sweetheart to join you volunteering to tutor at a local school – one time. Agree this will be a one-time trial and no commitments for future tutoring. Then agree upon the age range of the students and any particular area of study and the school.

Before arriving at the school, tell your sweetheart to choose which student or students he/she thinks has huge potential. You’ll do the same.

After the tutoring session, grab a bite or go for a walk. Each of you share your choice(s). Not only will you have a shared memory, you’ll feel good.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You can contact me at this blog or Robert@RomanceALIVE.com.

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Risking Romance With Your Best Friend

Following his high school graduation, Matthew entered college. To say he attended college would be a stretch. Social pursuits trumped scholastic pursuits. Finally, in a moment of personal honesty during his sophomore year, he acknowledged wasting his parent’s money. He packed, left Duke and got a job.

Twenty years later, Matthew realized those juvenile choices were limiting job opportunities. He quietly resolved he’d earn that college degree. He didn’t want anyone to know about his goal – not family, friend or not-friends. At least not until he’d succeeded.

Secretly he began studying, taking online classes and preparing himself for the biggest impediment between Matthew and beginning his quest, the fate-deciding SAT Test.

There was one person with whom he shared this top-secret, the only person he knew he could reveal his deepest, darkest secrets. Jordan, his best friend . . . his sweetheart.

Their friendship was the foundation of what kept their Romance Alive. The ability to share hidden parts of their lives deepened their relationship and helped them, after 15 years together, keep Romance Alive.

Romance comes easier:

  • When your sweetheart is your best-est friend.
  • When your sweetheart is the person you’re most comfortable sharing those private pieces of your life.

That’s because being Romantic requires taking chances. Keeping Romance Alive means trying something different, with no guarantees it’ll be enthusiastically received.

When there’s a Romantic fail, and they will happen, the security of the relationship which allows you to safely reveal your deeply buried parts with your sweetheart, also allows trial and errors. You know they won’t derail your relationship.

Whether your idea for a Romantic Interlude is unexpected, corny, grandiose, simple or exciting, when presented from the “safety” of a deep, intimate friendship with your best friend, you can take a risk and create a relationship where Romance truly lives.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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