Splurge on Romance

I’ve often cautioned about going all out and overspending on romance. However, every once-in-a-while, a little frivolity can spice up a Romantic Interlude.

Instead of waiting for your next vacation to trade your old metal steed for a different set of wheels, rent a “fun car” for a day. Many companies have sports, luxury or exotic cars like a Corvette or Jaguar available for rent.

Choose a long drive that follows the beach, winds through mountain curves, or shoots across the wide-open spaces near your home. Load up all kinds of your favorite junk foods. Select your favorite satellite station. Saddle up with your sweetheart and enjoy a leisurely, high-class ride.

Your Interlude destination: enjoying the outing together. Robert

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Suggestions on Romance by Dawn

“How would you suggest someone romance their sweetheart?”

This question stimulated a stream of online responses. Answers ranged from flowers to Kit-Kats to very private trysts.

One extended suggestion began, “look for what your sweetheart values and build your romantic response (read Romantic Interlude) appropriately. As time goes by and your feelings deepen, romance helps preserve against boredom and your sweetheart’s feeling of being taken for granted.”

Here’s my Reader’s Digest version of the writer’s extended observations.

She suggests matching your Romantic Interludes to where you are with the relationship. If it’s new, an expensive piece of jewelry or ginormous bouquet might be perceived as desperate, pushy or creepy. A simple “I like you” card or a favorite candy wrapped up in a bow might be more appropriate at this stage.

She advised against using a Romantic Interlude to propel the relationship forward at an uncomfortable pace. And don’t use a Romantic Interlude as a replacement for resolving a fight.

Quirky things help keep the Romance Alive and create great memories.

  • Show up unexpectedly with ice cream or coffee;
  • Attend an concert by a “tribute” band or go to a battle-of-the-bands;
  • Find a theater playing a vintage movie;
  • Eat hotdogs and peanuts at a minor-league baseball game.

Her suggestions concluded: It is most important to match what you do to who your sweetheart is and what she/he values. This reflects that you understand your sweetheart’s personality and desires and want to give what your sweetheart wants in life. Make it small and make it frequent. This shows your sweetheart how important he/she is to you.

Thank you Dawn (author) for sharing your “double-digit boyfriends + one good marriage + one not” insights into what makes a great romance. I hope you getting opportunities to keep your Romance Alive. Robert

What do you consider Romantic? Send me your thoughts and ideas.

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A Romantic Stroll

A leisurely walk makes a great Romantic Interlude. There’s something about sauntering along the beach, strolling through a meadow, or ambling along a path to nowhere that becomes special and creates a shared memory.

Find a place, especially if it’s in a quieter location, where you and your sweetheart can meander. Add some fruit and/or a refreshment.

Invite your sweetheart to join you for a leisurely walk for an hour, just the two of you.

Gently cruise to your destination as if your car was a land-yacht. When you arrive, collect your treats and begin to wander. Take it easy. There are no deadlines or destinations – except spending time together. Walk hand-in-hand if you like. Time to relax with each other. Robert

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The Simple Things Make Romance

You might say Charlie’s arrived.

This British heartthrob has a beautiful, long-term girlfriend and enjoys a successful and profitable movie career. Vacations include places like Thailand – just a “couple’s getaway”. Money might not be the limiting factor in how he romances his sweetheart.

And can you imagine how this movie star romances his sweetheart, Morgana? It may not be how you think he romances her.

Charlie Hunnam admitted in a recent interview he doesn’t go all out for big birthday presents or doing any giant outlandish romantic gestures. His idea of a Romantic Interlude doesn’t involve a limousine, a private jet or reservations at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London or Maison Pic in France.

Charlie’s ideal Interlude is cooking up some romance for Morgana: going out, buying their favorite groceries and literally cooking a meal his lady likes. She seems to like this approach to romance.

We can fall into the trap of trying to make extravagant, over-the-top Romantic Interludes for our sweetheart. We over plan, over spend, and over complicate the moment.

The excitement of trying to impress our sweetheart creates cataracts, clouding out ability to remember what romance is all about. Truth is, romancing our sweetheart is about:

  • Crafting moments that build our relationship;
  • Creating special, shared memories; and,
  • Romancing our sweetheart the way our sweetheart wants to be romanced.

If I overindulge hip bank on an extravagant Romantic Interlude, my sweetheart won’t enjoy it. There’d be this invisible thunderstorm hanging over the evening, “why are you wasting all this money? It isn’t what I enjoy.”

Charlie admits, “If I’m going to spoil her, I’ll go out and make her favorite dish.” Sounds like the ingredients for a wonderful Romantic Interlude – romancing his sweetheart like a star – how she prefers to be romanced.

What little things to you do to keep your Romance Alive? Robert

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Getaway Reminder

You’re away for the weekend or on vacation. Your sweetheart comes across a small item which catches his/her eye. The look on your sweetheart’s face tells you, “I’d love to have this.”

Resist the temptation to buy it – for now. Quietly find out how to contact the seller in the future.

When you return home, contact the merchant and order the item. Have it shipped to your work address or a friend’s house.

On some special occasion (or just because), wrap the gift with several pictures from that trip. Present it to your sweetheart. You’ll reinforce a memory and create a new one.

I did this one from a trip to Yosemite. She loved the reminder at Christmas. Robert

If you’d like a collection of romantic ideas like this, order my ebook from Amazon: A Year of Romantic Interludes

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It happens to people walking down the street, strolling the mall, during a classroom lecture, and even in the house of God.  People get so focused on their hand-held devices, they become oblivious to real life just beyond their focus. They’re mesmerized by the contents of these pocket-sized devices.

These digital gadgets can distribute information, answer questions, show you places you may or may not want to visit. They will even let you contact and communicate with real people you know.

Yet, they can also be destructive to your relationship. Couples sit side-by-side without interacting, each lost in their own electronic universe. Devices separating rather than bringing you and your sweetheart together.

Yet, there are ways these relationship-wrecking devices can help your relationship.

While there may be a preponderance of apps helping people find their sweetheart, Dan Groch decided he’d create an app to help with the “happily ever after.”

It took him an elephant’s pregnancy period to create this app he calls , HeroBoyFriend (www.HeroBoyFriend.com).

The app is like a personal assistant. But it goes beyond simple reminders of major upcoming events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). It also suggests little things to do, places to go, gifts to buy for and with your sweetheart. It will even suggest a night-in, complete with recipes for creating a meal together.

I like this app idea. Like “real life,” it:

  1. Prompts us to proactively romance our sweetheart;
  2. Shows us there are many ways at random times to be romantic;
  3. Reminds us how little Romantic Interludes can make a difference in our relationship;

Those things help build your relationship.

No matter whether you choose to use an app like HeroBoyFriend, we all could use occasional reminders and suggestions of little things to do with our sweetheart to help keep Romance Alive. Robert

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Quick, Kid-Free Romance

There are two times of the year made for afternoon Romantic Interludes – just before and after school vacations.

For many, the weather has turned warm, amusement parks and carnivals have begun to operate during the week, and kids are still in school.

Take the afternoon off and take your sweetheart roller skating. Play a round of mini-golf. Or, take a ride on a Ferris wheel. Just have some silly fun together. It’ll regenerate you mentally, rejuvenate your relationship and reinvigorate your romance. Let me know how this works for you. Robert

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