Royal Romantic Massage for a King or Queen

Has your queen/ king had a difficult week?

Get a couple pillows and a royal red or blue towel. Create a throne by placing the pillows on the floor in front of a couch or chair and covering them with the towel. Put some grapes into a small bowl. Pour a glass of your sweetheart’s favorite beverage.

Invite your sweetheart to sit on the throne and lean back against the couch/chair. Sit on the couch/chair behind your sweetheart, keeping the grapes and beverage close.

Gently massage your sweetheart’s neck and head. At intervals, feed your sweetheart grapes and offer the beverage. Can’t you see your sweetheart as Cleopatra or a Egyptian Pharaoh?

Relax your king or queen – your sweetheart.

Here’s the a great Romantic Interlude. Robert

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Come Closer Together With Music

The instructions were . . . clandestine, more so than he’d imagined.

If you hear a sentence that contains five words beginning with the letter “J”, you’ll know your claim was accepted. But don’t try to look at me.  

He struggled to distinguish words from dozens of passing conversations. If only they’d speak more distinctly, and one at a time. It was like trying to see an individual droplet in a waterfall.

The concentration to discern J’s from G’s from jumbles of sounds left him doubting his hearing. Japanese jellyfish? No that couldn’t be right.

And then he caught, “. . . Jumped joyously . . . .”

Were his ears swiveling toward a particular speaker as he strained to strain out all other words?

“Judicious James Joyce jumped joyously. Judicious James jumped joyously. Judicious . . . .”

Those words, the sweet-sounding words he longed to hear communicated his heart’s desire.

Does your sweetheart strain to hear the sounds which convey a special, romantic meaning from you?

Spoken word work but they’re not the only way we can use sound to romance our sweetheart. Other types of auditory stimulation can have a profound on you and your sweetheart.

A study by iBeacons found when tunes were playing:

  1. Distances between couples decreased by 12%,
  2. Chances of cooking together increased by 33%,
  3. Shared laughter increased by 15%, and
  4. Saying “I love you” happened 18% more frequently.

Introducing auditory stimulation of music into a relationship, produces a marked, measurable, positive impact on the couple.

What if you introduced music into a Romantic Interlude you create? Might you come together while makin dinner with a side of mirth?

Give it a try. Play some tunes gently when you’re in the house together and decrease the distance between you. Robert

You’re invited to check out my ebook, A Year of Romantic Memos, a way to be inspired every week for a year.

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14 Things You’ve Done To our Relationship

Every day for the next two weeks, make a note of something your sweetheart does which touches your heart or makes you feel special or left you feeling romanced.

At the end of the two weeks, handwrite the list of observations on cards or in a small binder. Include the date each action took place.

Ask your sweetheart to sit down cause you need to talk with her/him about something that’s been going on.

Once seated, say something like, “For the past 2 weeks there are things you’ve done to our relationship we need to talk about.”

Hand your sweetheart the list and let him/her read it silently.

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Creating an Old Romance

Been offline the last week. Taking time away with my sweetheart in a place called Door County. Glad to be back.

The couple occupied a table near the window. His socks didn’t match and his shoes were non-descript.  Her hair was neat, though it’d been a while since a beautician added color. Their clothes were clean, though a bit dated. Probably purchased during a blue-light-special or off the clearance rack.

But those aren’t the first things you’d notice about the two.

Even though they were obviously pensioners cashing in on a lifetime of paying into the system, even though their movements were slow and deliberate, you noticed the spark of new love.

Even a casual observer saw the little things proclaiming “New LoveNew Romance”:

  • The way he’d gently touch her hand or brush his hand across her arm;
  • The way her face lit up when he smiled at her;
  • His grin when she said something only he could hear;
  • The fact they sat side-by-side on the same side of the table.

When one of the younger members of the wait staff came to take my order, he asked what I thought of the couple.

It’s nice to see older people finding puppy love after retirement.”

The guy almost laughed before letting me in on the source of his amusement. The couple is his grandparents and had been together for decades.

You know what?”, he asked. “Someday, I’d like to have an old romance like theirs.”

If you asked them how they kept their romance alive for decades, they’d probably give a couple of pointers, like:

  1. You gotta make a commitment to keep romance alive in your relationship.
  2. Realize sometimes you’ll feel romantic and sometimes you won’t.
  3. It takes time to learn to romance your sweetheart.
  4. If you get discouraged, return to #1.

Have you started creating your old romance with your sweetheart? Robert

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Romance, Uniquely Yours

Roses. Candlelit dinner. Soft music in the background. How romantic.

How passé!

You know your sweetheart’s quirks. Maybe your sweetheart loves Cheetos, a certain shade of nail polish, bizarre t-shirts, silent movies or Ramen Noodles with Kimchee.

Whatever it might be, bring you sweetheart something that’s unique to them, something only they’d appreciate. Wrap it up in a box, complete with bow. Add a romantic card which tells your sweetheart how you feel about him/her.

Such a peculiar gift could be a very romantic treasure to your sweetheart, something only your sweetheart would value. Robert

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Take Away Romance

Has your sweetheart’s had a long day at the office, on the road from appointment-to-appointment, or frantically ferrying kids from event-to-event?

Give your sweetheart the gift of a Romantic Interlude that fits his/her day.

As your sweetheart heads home, send a text. “I’m picking up dinner from _____ and opening up a bottle of _____. What would you like?”

This simple gesture tells your sweetheart, 1) you know it’s been a long day, 2) you want to relieve some of the stress, and 3) you want her/him to look forward to coming home. That’s a great, romantic gift. Robert

If you’re looking for a resource of Romantic Interlude ideas, check out my ebook, A Year of Romantic Interludes

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Romance in a Bottle

She’d walked the beach about 30 minutes before she spied an unusual bottle.

Most bottles on this Scottish beach were colored some shade of beer-brown and contained foul remnants of colored liquid. And they were missing their cap – except this one. This beach-bottle was clear, sealed and contained a note.

Another lonely day with no one here but me
More loneliness than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair

As she sat on the sand and read Craig Sullivan’s message, she learned about a man ready to find love again. Eighteen months on from the death of his wife, 49-year-old Craig was inspired to bypass blind dates and dating sites to try something he saw as romantically unique.

I’ll send an SOS to the world
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle

His idea – send out 2,000 Messages In Bottles.

Craig hadn’t anticipated the outrage from those who thought this “half-wit” creating such environmental devastation, should be arrested or worse.

The actual impact on the British beaches is debatable, but his originality is laudable.

Instead of settling for the obvious means of finding love, Craig didn’t’ suppress a Romantic idea triggered by Police’s song. He acted on his unorthodox idea, and set into motion events to meet his Romantic goal.

It’s easy to contemplate, critique, criticize and crush unorthodox Romantic ideas at birth. It’s easier to discover why a Romantic idea won’t work then to breathe a little life into it and see what develops.

Next time one of those crazy, Romantic ideas enter your thoughts, allow it time to mature a bit. It could create a Romantic Interlude which you’ll both enjoy.

As for Mr. Sullivan’s outrageously Romantic idea, he received 50 responses from women interested in knowing more about the man behind the Message In a Bottle.

Here’s to outrageous romantic ideas. Robert

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