Creating a Warm Bed

When you’re finally able to crawl into bed at the end of a long day, there’s nothing like cold sheets to keep you from relaxing.

Surprise your sweetheart this evening. Warm up the bed ahead of time. If you have an electric blanket or electric mattress pad, turn it on 15 minutes before bedtime. If you have rose-scented spray or something similar, squirt a little bit between the sheets. Don’t overdo it.

Get your sweetheart’s pajamas and put them in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up.

As your sweetheart’s getting ready for bed, hand her/him the warm PJs.

Climb into bed and make sure the temperature is good. When your sweetheart appears, pull back the covers and invite him/her to snuggle up so you can just hold them.

Stay connected, at least until you both reach sleeping temperature. Hmmmm.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Keeping Romance Alive – Long Distance

Recently I read an article about 3 couples separated from their respective sweethearts by anywhere from a few hundred miles to 9 or more time zones.

If you’ve ever tried, you know long distance relationships are just plain hard.

No matter your age or whether the separation is just an hour’s drive or 2 planes + a train and + 30 minutes on a moped, it’s difficult to maintain a relationship when you can’t physically touch your sweetheart.

A commonality among the three coeds of how they were able to maintain their long-distance relationship? Communication.

Each couple proactively used modern means of communications to shrink the distance and keep their Romance Alive: Email, Facetime, Skype, phone calls.

They also share one traditional means of communications – handwritten letters.

Why would they cherish handwritten, snail mail letters?

  1. It takes time to compose and write a message in longhand;
  2. They received something that’s actually been touched by their sweetheart; and
  3. The letters are something they can physically hold and reread, even decades from now.

I keep cards and letters from my sweetheart. At one time I had a small box of letters from my first girlfriend. I kept them for decades. Each time I opened the box it was like I was reconnecting with her.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider handwriting your sweetheart a love letter for her/him to cherish. Even if you live at the same address, your sweetheart will be able to take out your handwritten love letters and feel the joy of being romanced by you – whenever and wherever, no matter the distance.

Romance your sweetheart today with a handwritten letter. They’re a great way to keep your Romance Alive.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Sunrise Romance

Would you be willing to postpone your usual morning cup for a Romantic Interlude?

Warn your sweetheart that you’ve set an early morning alarm so you can start the day together.

Set the alarm for about 30 minutes before sunrise. Down worry about showering. Get up and put on sweatpants or jeans and a comfy shirt. Pull on a cap so brushing/combing your hair isn’t an issue.

If needed, stop by an early morning coffee shop for a cup to go. Walk or drive out to a place where you can watch the sunrise. As you walk to the perfect viewing location, take your sweetheart’s hand.

When the sky begins to brighten, stand behind your sweetheart and put your arms around her/him. As that first beam ignites the earth, whisper in your sweetheart’s ear something like, “I’m looking forward to starting each day with you for the rest of my life.”

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Munchin’ For A Kiss

Strawberries work best for this Romantic Interlude. Wash several, leaving the stems intact. As strawberries are great with any meal, you can create this Romantic Interlude for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As you begin to eat, tell your sweetheart you have a special dessert for her/him.

After you’ve finished your meal, bring the strawberries to the table. Tell your sweetheart you have an after-dinner kiss or two for him/her. The only thing your sweetheart must do to receive this kiss is eat her/his way to your lips.

Hold the strawberry by the stem with your mouth. Invite your sweetheart to eat their way to your lips. When the strawberry disappears, the kissing begins.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Don’t Lollygag

The light turned green. I impatiently nudge the driver ahead of me with my horn. I have places to go and contracts await me.

We head down Holcomb Bridge towards GA400. I’m anxious to get to the office and this driver is only going the speed limit!?!

My mind begins to wander.

  • Is everything I need in my backpack.
  • What did that highway sign say?
  • A Dunkin Donut sure would taste good about now.

A little green car pulls out between me and the car in front of me, only I don’t need to hit the brakes.

While I’d impatiently roared away from the traffic light, I’d begun lollygagging down the road, oblivious to the fact I was going slower and slower. The gap between me and that obnoxious car I’d honked at had grown to over 100 feet.

I had quit paying attention to what was happening. Didn’t realize I was meandering. And I’d let a considerable gap develop between me and the car in front of me.

Have you ever done that in your relationship?

You ramble through life, minimally paying attention to your sweetheart. You don’t put effort into keeping your Romance Alive. One day you’re startled to realize a valley has grown between you and your sweetheart.

You deliberately put massive amounts of focused attention into shrinking that gap. Herculean effort goes into rekindling your withering romance. You rush into the creation of a series of Romantic Interludes for your sweetheart.

Romance sputters back to life. The flame lives!

What happens next determines the trajectory of your relationship.

  • Do you continue romancing your sweetheart?
  • Or do you lose steam, become distracted and regress into lollygagging?

The choice is yours. Which path will you choose? Your relationship depends on it.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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I Have 15 Minutes

Find a timer or a timer app. Invite your sweetheart to sit next to you.

Set the timer to 15 minutes. Tell your sweetheart, “I’d really like to hear all about your day in the next 15 minutes.”

Your sweetheart might grumble about you setting a timer. That’s OK. Encourage her/him to tell you about their day.

Now have a bit of fun.

As they’re starting, ask for a moment. Reach over to the timer, turn it off and tell your sweetheart, “Actually I don’t want to put you on the clock. You have my attention – no timer.”

Watch how that changes emotions.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Sometimes We Forget

What time do we have to get up in the morning?”

Let’s see. It’s a walk-to-school day so we’ll need the kids out the door by 6:45. And can you pick up James about 5:15 tomorrow afternoon? He’s got track.”

I’ll make that work. Can you pick up something for dinner when you pick up Chuck after he gets off work at Golden Fry? Think it’s about 6.”

Yup. OK. We got a plan. Night.”


Sound like your “romantic” evening conversation with your sweetheart? You get wound up in pick-ups, practice, lunches, classes. Your conversation becomes planning for a military landing a.k.a daily family living.

Months may pass before you notice something’s missing.

Remember when your relationship was younger.

  • He’d walk up to you in the kitchen and say something like, “Have I told you how cute you look this morning?”
  • She’d eye you across the table and start a conversation with, “Hey, handsome dude . . . .

And when one took out the trash, the other would let them know how much that was appreciated.

Slowly those little messages of pride and appreciation, the small flirtatious messages you shared as a couple seemed to fade from your communications. At a subconscious level, instead of feeling the strings of romantic attachment, each begins to feel like they’re a common and ordinary part of the other’s life.

You can change this downward spiral towards mundane. You can make a decision right now to put that spark back into your communication.

Look for openings to tell your sweetheart they’re special, they’re appreciated, and you’re still attracted to him/her. Give compliments only you can give. Tell your sweetheart “thank you” when they wash dishes, fix dinner or clean the car.

Your words can rekindle the spark in your relationship, which can lead you back to the romance you once shared.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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