Our Song in Art

If your sweetheart is a bit of a geek, creating a Romantic Interlude might be a bit challenging at times. However, here’s an idea to touch her/his heart.

What song reminds your sweetheart of your relationship? Turn that song into art.

There are online companies taking a song of your choice and turning the soundwaves from the music into a piece of art: a print, jewelry, ring, pillow.

Search “soundwave art”.

Want something more personal. Provide a recording of you saying, “I love you, (sweetheart’s name)” and they’ll create an art piece of your voice.

This is a double-Interlude: words and a gift. It’ll romance the geek in your life.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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Valentine’s Frenzy

I happened to be in Singapore on Valentine’s Day this year. Been working in this city/state for the last several weeks. I’ve enjoyed learning the Singaporean culture. I’m fascinated with different cultures like I’m fascinated with learning about romance.

As February 14 approached, I wondered how their approach to what’s been called a “Hallmark Holiday” might differ from what I’ve seen at home and elsewhere in the world.

The start of the day was nothing spectacular. I hadn’t noticed any red aisle of “romantic” cards where I’ve been shopping. No huge displays of red boxes shaped like classical hearts, no TV ads reminding people that there were only days left to get something special for that someone special.

Thursday I saw a few deliveries to different offices but not that many. And none to the office where I’m working that I remember seeing.

Walking the underground Marina Mall to the MRT I noticed that there were lines forming at the flower shops. Along the way I found a lady selling ready-to-grab flowers. Soon another popped up, then two, then three. Men and women were grabbing flowers and throwing money as they rushed to catch the subway. The little mall at the Tiong Bahru stop where I catch the MRT had run out of cookies and other sweets.

I had dinner in my apartment so can’t tell you if the lines were long at restaurants. People often eat at food hawker centres so don’t think there was a big demand for reservations.

Even though I’m halfway around the world from home, from what I’ve observed it seems that in its own way, romance is alive and well in Singapore.

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

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A Different Kind Of Valentine’s

Welcome to Valentine’s Day.

Today, worldwide, approximately 220 million roses will be given to commemorate Valentine’s day. That’s a lot of flowers;

In the U.S.

  • Some 58 million pounds of chocolate will attempt to communicate, “I love you”;
  • Another $4 billion worth of jewelry will be purchased;
  • Most accompanied by the 144 million Valentine cards.

In the U.K., Brits will spend about £128 million (~US$165 million) on food items and eating out.

Personally, I won’t be going for Valentine’s dinner at High Cotton and roses. Tried that once – years ago. It didn’t go as I hoped. Ended up waiting a stomach-growling hour for non-Michelin star food and service.

Want an idea for romancing your Valentine without spending the average of £72 / US$136 / S$200 on your sweetheart? Do something different from the moo-baa.

Try out some new moves. Take your sweetheart out dancing. If you’re not ready to show off or attempt your moves  with him/her, push back the chairs and sofa, and create your own intimate dance party. Have some laughs. Crank up a couple nostalgic tunes. And darling, save the last slow dance for me.

Instead of joining the herd at the trough, get creative in the kitchen. If your confident in your ability or willing to take a risk, cook up a fancy meal with a Michelin-worthy presentation. Turn your dining room into your own personal restaurant. Even better, cook the meal together.

Do something out of the ordinary and surprise your sweetheart. Grab a couple flowers. Glue a couple candy bars on sticks. Sprinkle some glitter and add a note inviting your sweetheart to amble around the block with you.

The idea is to spend time together instead of spending big dollars, pounds or Bhats. Celebrate your relationship. Your sweetheart may find that intensely romantic.

What are you doing for Valentine’s?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote and share the contents of this blog. I only ask that you credit the source.

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Our Moments Couples

  • Words used to express how you feel about your sweetheart can be romantic.
  • Words which create anticipation of an upcoming moment together can be even more romantic.
  • Words which invite your sweetheart to join you in intimate conversation – irresistible.

If your sweetheart prefers to be romanced with words, you know what I’m talking about.

Words to a song, words in a poem, words from your heart touch your sweetheart’s soul at a deep level. They create a shared, intimate moment that remains with him/her after the music fades.

Do you ever find it difficult to pick words and compile thoughts which initiate an intimate conversation?

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know I support using of other people’s ideas for romance. It’s quite appropriate to lift an idea or two someone else created. These help you create Romantic Interludes with your sweetheart.

You might say I write these Romantic Musings so you can pinch my ideas to create more romance in your relationship.

Here’s one such idea I borrowed. It’s a great way to prime the romance pump of your relationship, especially when your sweetheart prefers to be romanced with words.

Our Moments Couples™.

It’s a game you play with your sweetheart when you have time to talk openly with each other.

There’s a deck of 100 cards with thought-provoking questions, each intended to illicit deep, open conversation. It’s the helper you need when you’re not sure how to start that private conversation with your sweetheart.

There’s the primer. Use it to initiate romance. The question I ask you is, “what will you do with this information, this tool?”

Take the step. Start the conversation. Romance your sweetheart with words.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to use the content of this blog provided you credit the source.

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Bill Paying Distraction

Apologies for the delay in posting this.

Paying bills can be stressful. The face scrunches up. The mutterings get more pointed. The blood pressure rises.

Next time your sweetheart is paying bills, bring him/her a small glass of cool water. As they continue working, bring a small beverage and/or something sweet.

Let some time pass, then return and gently massage her/his neck and head. This is not a therapeutic massage but a bit more than a caress.

As he/she is finishes, apply a couple soft kisses to the neck.

Sure, it may distract and cause your sweetheart to swat at you. But they’ll probably be a smile on their face.

What could you do to help your sweetheart when paying bills?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to use this blog as long as you credit the source.

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Movie and a Cuddle

Find a romantic comedy. Gather together a gaggle of blankets and pillows. Pull the cushions off the sofa.

Place the cushions on the floor in front of the sofa. Set them up in such a way as to make a place to lay on. Use the pillows to make a headboard and under your backs as needed. Add the blankets to keep warm. If you’re in front of the fireplace, you’ll need fewer blankets.

Add popcorn if you’re so inclined.

Snuggle up close together. And before you get too comfortable, start the movie and enjoy a movie and a cuddle.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share the contents of this blog. Remember to credit the source.

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Creating Remembered Romantic Memories

After an emotional farewell to their college freshman, they faced the six-hour journey back home. Thankfully Kevin made reservations for the night.

His suitcase seemed a bit large for an overnight stay. When he opened it, Janice was curious why there were some of her clothes in his bag.

Her questioning stare was met with just a smile.

Let’s stretch our legs a bit before dinner”, he suggested. It had been a few months since they’d last taken a walk together, something she always savored.

Rounding High street, Janice stopped dead in her tracks. There was Jimmy’s Joint.

Remember our first date?” Kevin asked. “That’s where we’re eating tonight.”

They sat down to familiar surroundings which hadn’t changed much since that first night. A torrent of warm memories engulfed her – dinner dates and long conversations.

Tomorrow we’ll breakfast at Open Your Eye, stop by Sue’s flowers, then stroll the Botanical Gardens.” All were places from their early days as a couple. “I’ve got an idea for a project to do together when we get home.”

There were two emotional events happening in their lives:

  1. Moving their son to college, and
  2. Moving to a life without children at home.

Instead of a silent ride home, Kevin choose to romance his sweetheart.

Instead of a sad quietness dominating the drive home, he planned an Interlude. For their first day as “empty-nesters” Kevin deliberately reached back into shared memories and reminded Janice they are and will continue to be a couple.

He then added an aspect to this Interlude: planning future activities to do together.

Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do for your sweetheart is remind him/her that no matter what’s going on, you are a couple. Kevin accomplished this by using memories to create a new memory, one they’ll remember for a long time.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share the contents of this blog. Just remember to credit the source.

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