A Great Romantic Welcome

When you and your sweetheart meet up this evening, take your sweetheart in your arms and hold your sweetheart tightly for 15-30 seconds. While your lips are next to your sweetheart’s ear, tell him/her you’re happy you’re together at this very moment.

As you release the embrace, let your hands slide down your sweetheart’s arm until your hands are touching. Linger for a moment, smile the special smile you have reserved for your sweetheart and begin the time together.

Let me know how your sweetheart reacted to this Romantic Interlude. Robert

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What Would Encourage You To Romance Your Sweetheart?

What can I say to make me love you?”
It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.”
I would give everything I own … give up my life my love my home.”

You can almost hear the pathos of the creator of these songs as he or she bemoans the fact they don’t know how to reach their sweetheart.

In a similar vein, I have a question for you. What can I say to make you want to bring more romance into your relationship?

  • Would regaling you with stories of how others have been romantic make a difference?
  • Would daily Romantic Interlude ideas inspire you to become more romantic?
  • Would it change you if I harangued you about the dangers to your relationship of letting romance die?

We both know the answer to these questions.

Which leaves me asking, is there anything I can say, is there anything I can do, what would inspire you to create more romance in your relationship?

I’d really like to hear from you. Robert

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Voice Message – Text Message

Do you and your sweetheart use iPhones? Here’s how to create a special moment which will brighten up your sweetheart’s day.

Open the Messages app. Choose a conversation (with your sweetheart, of course). Hold down the microphone icon and begin speaking.

Let your sweetheart know how much you enjoy your relationship; how much you’re looking forward to seeing him/her later. Don’t forget meaningful terms of endearment.

When you’re done, release the microphone icon and press send. With love, from me, to you. Robert

If you’d like to give yourself or someone else the gift of a year’s worth of Romantic Interlude suggestions, you can find my ebook, A Year of Romantic Interludes at Amazon.

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Listening For Romantic Interludes

Sometimes I don’t listen too well.

You know how I’ve missed my sweetheart’s signal that she was ready for a bit less togetherness at least one evening. It took most of that evening for the message to slog its way through the bogs between my ears and the center of understanding.

In Spanish we say, “Entiendo pero no comprendo” – “I understand but I don’t get it”.

It’s not just because I’m a guy. Anyone who says that or uses the excuse, “because he’s/I’m just a guy”, is attempting to justify not paying attention.

Listening is a key part of romance. Not just hearing. It’s actually understanding the message, no matter how masked it might be.

Decoding the message behind the words will give you glimpses into how to romance your sweetheart.

Your sweetheart says:

Have you ever noticed how a picture or a painting can change a room?
Interpretation, “I would enjoy an evening at the museum.”

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the music of Heart”.
Understand, “I’d enjoy going with you to see Heart in concert”, or “I’d love a Heart playlist for our next road trip”.

It seems like our lives are non-stop”.
The message, “I’d like some time for just the two of us”.

Through similar indirect clues, your sweetheart tells you how to create a Romantic Interlude which is meaningful to her/him. Listen, follow the shrouded breadcrumbs, assemble the information contained in these messages, and decipher your sweetheart’s romantic preference.

If you’re not sure how best to romance your sweetheart, connect your listening sense to your romantic antennae and piece together the hints sent your way. Become a romance-seeking Sherlock Holmes. Deduce your sweetheart’s romantic preference and create Romantic Interludes your sweetheart will be glad to receive. It’s all very elementary. Robert

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Time and Location For Romance

OK. Maybe this is too much for one day but I had to share this idea. Especially after my earlier blog.

Is there a place which holds special significance to you and your sweetheart? Do you remember the first time, and maybe the only time you were there? What was the event?

Find a picture of the two of you together at that place, especially it has anything to do with what makes that place special to the two of you.

Look up the coordinates of the location. For example, 33.7926° N, 84.3963° W. You can find them online.

Take this information and have the photo framed with the location’s coordinates and date added to the photo or frame. It’s a unique treasure with special significance to the two of you. Robert

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Thankful For My Sweetheart

Is thanksgiving a noun or a verb?

If Thanksgiving is a noun, then it can be known as

  • Thanksgiving
  • Erntedankfest
  • L’Action de grâce,
  • Dia de Ao de Graas

for people in

  • Germany,
  • Canada,
  • The U.S.,
  • Grenada,
  • Liberia,
  • Norfolk Islands,
  • Vietnam

Each country has its traditions for celebrating this festival. People gather and socialize with family and friends. It centers around food and appreciation as the festival originated as a way of showing thanks for a bountiful harvest.

When my family gets together around the table later today, thanksgiving will become a verb.

Before we dive in to turkey, roast, vegetables, stuffing, pies and other traditional and non-traditional fare, I’m going to ask each to stop and give thanks. Each will voice their own unique reason to be thankful.

I’ll be most grateful for having each of them there at the table with me.

Here’s my concern. What happens tomorrow?

  • Will I let a year pass before giving thanks again?
  • Will I forget to show appreciation for them?
  • Will it take another externally imposed holiday to remember to tell my sweetheart how much I appreciate her as part of my life?

This blog is as much to remind me, as to share with you.

One way I say thank you to her is making several opportunities to romance her in the way she wants to be romanced in the coming 12 months. Each time I create a Romantic Interlude for my sweetheart, it says thank you for being part of my life.

I invite you to join me in romancing your sweetheart as a way of showing thanksgiving all year for his/her part in our life.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart. Robert



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T-Shirt Romantic Expressions

If you were to draw a picture describing the fun your sweetheart brings to your relationship, what would it look like? Bold colors? Soft pastels? Interesting patterns? Wild circles?

Get two white t-shirts, some colored permanent markers, finger-foods and liquid refreshments.

Invite your sweetheart to join you in creating unique t-shirts for each other. You’ll do a t-shirt for your sweetheart and he/she’ll do one for you. The theme of each t-shirt is the fun your sweetheart brings to the relationship.

Break out the markers. Break out the snacks and drinks. Break out the giggles and have fun. Don’t analyze what’s drawn. You’ll both have a unique, one-of-a-kind sweetheart t-shirt. Enjoy. Robert

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