Chivalry is not Dead

Last night I observed chivalry is not dead.

I watched a couple work together to unload their grocery cart. Then the gentleman walked the lady around to the passenger’s door and opened the door for her.

Now I already knew chivalry was alive and well.

Out of habit I open the car door for my sweetheart, walk on the street side of the sidewalk, pull out the chair at the table and hold doors open for her.

Some women may say I’m being sexist and belittling them as a woman.

No, I’m showing respect.

Chivalry it’s defined as having good manners, being polite, respectful, and courteous.

It is also my belief that if you treat a woman like a lady, she will probably prove you correct.
And the same goes if you treat a man like a gentleman.

What has this to do with romance?

Romance is about building your relationship.
Romance is doing little things during the treadmill of life that causes your sweetheart to pause for a second and realize they’re special to you.

For the man it is naturally doing the holding doors thing, no big deal.

And ladies, you can be chivalrous too by being very ladylike.

1) Let him treat you like a woman. Accept his chivalrous actions without fuss.
2) When you’re getting ready to go somewhere, look at him, adjust his tie or jacket collar and let him know how proud you are of him.

And for your relationship, do small, unique-to-your-sweetheart things that give your sweetheart a momentary pause as he or she realizes how special they are to you.

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