Romance Alive at Proms

Read an interesting article this week about a new trend in town. The article was entitled, “With invitations to prom, the more creative, the better.”

The article reported nowadays boys try to come up with creative ways to ask girls to proms.

There are only two rules:
1) The more creative the better, and
2) It must be a way no one else in the school has used before.

And the guys are getting creative.

The word “Prom?” written in flowers.
The word “Prom?” written in chocolate on french toast.
The word “Prom?” written on the guy’s chest, which he bares at the finish line of a race.

For the girls, the invitation is the start of an evening they’ll remember long after they have graduated from school to a working adult’s life.

What happens between the Prom and the days of being a husband & wife?

There are at least two things that seem to hinder continuation of these romantic gestures:

1) We get caught up in some much of daily life and don’t make time for romance.
2) We lose our intentionality of creating a memorable event for our sweetheart.

The first challenge was mirrored in a survey I did last year. One of the top three challenges people face in keeping romance alive is , , , time.

We let so much of life take away the time we could be romancing our sweethearts.

And this goes for the ladies as well as the men.

The guys in the article took time to intentionally make the prom experience magical and romantic for their sweetheart.

Maybe things are about to change.

What I hope is this will signal a return to more romance in relationships. Maybe kids will learn the value of romance and how it can set their relationship apart from the vanilla ones.

I think that would be wonderful!!

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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