Some women are not romantic

How many times have you heard this,

“Women are more romantic then men.” Or “Women want romance and men don’t.”

Something happened this past week that flies in the face of this conventional wisdom.

Last year I conducted a survey about the major challenge(s) people face in keeping romance alive. I discovered there are three main challenges.

I’m completing work on a new Romance Alive Experience live event entitled, “Three Major Challenges to Keeping Romance Alive and How to Overcome Them.” I plan to have this ready for the “public” in June and an accompanying CD soon thereafter.

During the survey, I gave away a few packages of Romantic Sparks created just for people participating in survey. One of the packages went to a gentleman here in Georgia.

The gentleman in Georgia returned the package of Romantic Sparks to me.

What might this have to do with the idea women are more romantics then men?

Let me combine these different stories with the rest of the story.

He was apologetic about returning the package. He handed it to me and said he really appreciated the gift and would rather keep and use it. But his wife didn’t get into that romantic stuff.

He’d love to romance her but after many years of marriage she hasn’t enjoyed romance and probably wouldn’t change now.

How sad.

She is missing out on the romance he wants to show her. And she may not even know what she’s missing.

For me, that’s sad.

Two ideas to consider:

1)    When one person in the relationship longs to romance the other, let them . . . and enjoy being romanced.

2)    Sometimes it’s the guy, not the woman, who’s frustrated there’s not the romance they desire.

Want some ideas on how to be more romantic? Go to

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