Betty White and romance

Read an interesting interview with actress, game show panelist, producer, animal-rights activist, model and writer Betty White.
What does this Saturday Night Live host know about romance?
Ms. White related how her late husband, Allen Ludden finally got her to say yes to his proposal. He found something that touched her.

Betty is an animal lover. In 1963, after a year of asking, begging and pleading, he sent her a fluffy white rabbit with diamond earrings for Easter and a note, “Please say yes.”
He called that evening and she answered the phone with one word. “Yes”.

A fella asked her what to spend on a girl he’s been dating for only a month. Betty responded, “find something related to a special moment you’ve enjoyed during the month together.”
When asked what would be the best compliment to pay a lady, the nonagenarian responded that compliments on her looks or eyes are great. But personality comments like, “You’re fun to be with” are the most appreciated.

“Is it better to give a lady a handwritten letter, a dozen roses or jewelry?”

The loveable Ms. White responded the handwritten letter is more memorable. “All through our marriage, I’d opened something and there’d be a little note from Allen like, “Have I told you lately I love you?” (Think there’s a song possibility there)
“Little romantic notes like, ‘I like a lot of people, but you have a special place in my heart’ touch a lady”
Betty White’s been around for 90 Valentine’s and she’s still is a romantic. I see a common thread in her responses.

Nothing was huge and extravagant.

What she finds romantic and touches her heart is in your price range or mine.
And everything is unique to her preferences.
You can learn a lot from a 90 year old romance coach.

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