Romantic Andrew Jackson

I’m working my way through the 2005 biography of Andrew Jackson, written by Dr. H.W. Brands.

Jackson’s story is fascinating.

He was orphaned by age 13, didn’t get much education and had to find his own way in life.

Yet Andrew Jackson became a lawyer, congressman, one of the founding fathers of the state of Tennessee, hero of the battle of New Orleans in 1815, seventh president of the USA and the face on every $20 bill in your wallet.

Two things in the biography stood out to me.

First was the love he had for his wife, Rachel.

When Andrew and Rachel were apart, which happened many times, he would romance her with write love letters such as would make most any woman swoon.

He missed her like plants missed rain in a drought. He was anxious to see her again, as a nighttime sentry missed the light. He longed to hold her as warmly as a boulder carrying the warmth of the sun.

Secondly, he defended her with action.

When the governor of Tennessee besmirched Rachel’s reputation, Andrew demanded the governor meet him in a duel in order to regain Rachel’s honor.

He romanced Rachel with words spoken to her soul.
He protected her reputation and health with actions.

The key to their relationship was Andrew romancing Rachel in a ways were important to her. His romancing her helped their relationship overcome the miles and months apart.

Be an Andrew.

Find a way to romance your sweetheart that speaks to his/her heart. This will enable your relationship to overcome distances that come between the two of you, whether miles, days or disagreements.

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