An Investment Gone Akward

This week I watched as this person tried to convince another person to invest about $60,000 in this project. They weren’t succeeding.


Imagine Larry The Cable Guy trying to convince someone at a black tie dinner to invest $150,000 of his retirement money into an investment.

Even if it was a great investment, why would that be a challenge?

There would be a disconnect between his words and his image.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’m NOT A-N-G-R-Y.” Usually there are clenched teeth and a bit of smoke curling out of flared nostrils.

And what adult hasn’t seen a kid rocking from foot-to-foot as they swear they didn’t get into the cookies?

Why don’t believe or trust the words coming out of the person’s mouth?

The person’s words, vocal quality and body language are incongruent.

In my book, “Growing Romance” I talk about research by Tony Robbins of Robbins Research International. He states that in communication:

7% are the words we use.
38% comes from vocal quality.
55% takes place with our body.

About 93% of what is communicated has nothing to do with the words we use.

If you tell your sweetheart how much you love him/her – and you’re intently watching TV, they won’t believe you.

If you agree to spend some time with your sweetheart – but are constantly checking the time, they won’t appreciate you.

Actions do speak louder than words.

When you want to romance your sweetheart, especially when you’re romancing with words:

1)  Make sure you mean what you say.
2)  Do a quick check to make sure your words, voice quality and body language are in agreement.
3)  Pause, tell your sweetheart what you want him/her to know, then linger just a bit after you’ve said it to make sure you communicated what you wanted to say.

Try it. Your sweetheart will know.

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1 Response to An Investment Gone Akward

  1. charmedbylove says:

    silence is golden, thats why kisses aren’t spoken 🙂


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