Irvin and his words

Do you ever feel like Charlie Brown or Lucy listening to your sweetheart “Wah woh wah wah wah”?

Have you wished for Adam Sandler’s remote from the movie “Click” so you could mute him/her?

It’s not a good idea to tune your sweetheart out. Your sweetheart could be sharing important information about how he/she wants to be romanced.

Here’s a story from my book, “Growing Romance“.

I was speaking with a friend about romance. I’ll call him Irvin.

Irvin said his wife complained he wasn’t as romantic as he used to be.

I asked Irvin if there was anything specifically she mentioned as to why he didn’t seem to romance her.

“Robert, my wife told me I don’t use those words with her I used to use.”

“OK, what words are you not using?” I asked.

They were words in their native tongue that translated to honey or sweetheart.

“Irvin,” I said. “Your wife is telling you exactly what you can do to romance her again.”

“Yea, but I’m not sure what she means saying I’m not romantic,” he continued.

I stared at him as he continued to complain he was still romantic and she just didn’t appreciate all he did for her.

“Wah woh wah wah wah”

After several attempts to get his attention, I held up my hands in the universal “time out” sign.

“Irvin. Your wife is telling you exactly what is missing. She’s telling you exactly how she wants you to romance her. Slow down and hear what she’s telling you.”

I’m not sure Irvin heard me or his wife but his story can help you romance your sweetheart.

If you or your sweetheart are auditorially oriented, you sweet’s “wah woh wah wah wah” is his/her attempt to let you know they want to be romanced with words.

Put down the remote and listen.

It could be the key to becoming the romantic your sweetheart desires.

I invite you to check our my website: for more ideas and sources for growing more romance in your relationship.

Had a comment from charmedbylove: “Silence is golden, that’s why kisses aren’t spoken.” Love that!

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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1 Response to Irvin and his words

  1. charmedbylove says:

    listening is key to any good communication – and romance!


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