Cars and Romance

Sitting in a waiting room this week, I read a Reader’s Digest article about cars and romance.

Susan Straight writes novels featuring fathers, daughters, and driving. This California girl has a love for cars, which she shares with her former husband (Dwayne).

When their daughter Gaila came of driving age, Susan purchased a red Honda and both parents became driving coaches.

The red Honda ran fine but was missing one teenage-essential piece of equipment – a radio.

Dwayne solved the “problem”. He purchased and installed a radio-CD player.

After Dwayne completed the installation, daughter Gaila returned home and told Susan about dad’s work on the car.

“He was working on the car and I was doing my homework. Daddy kept calling me with his cell phone.”

The requests and multiple trips required to bring the correct, “needed” item to him interrupted her work.

Susan smiled and shared with her daughter stories of Dwayne working on their old, broken down cars they owned during the early years of marriage.

Susan would sit in the car doing her own work.

Every few minutes Dwayne would ask her for help – start the car or rev the engine or any number of requests.

She, an author, wrote most of her first book from the front seat of a parked car while Dwayne repaired and performed the needed maintenance.

Susan explained to Gaila, Dwayne just wanted her company.

This is one of the four major ways to romance your sweetheart I discuss in my book, “Growing Romance.”

For some people, the most romantic thing you can do is spend time with them.

If this is your sweetheart’s preferred method for being romanced, realize he/she craves just being with you. What you do is unimportant. Just spending time together is important.

So figure it out.

If your sweetheart cherishes just being with you, sit in the car … or on the couch … or at the kitchen table. He/she treasurer your company.

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2 Responses to Cars and Romance

  1. charmedbylove says:

    very nice minimalist advice there!


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