Comprendo but no Entiendo

For a little over a week, I have been brushing up on my Spanish-speaking abilities.

Since Atlanta is a long ways from a Spanish-speaking country, I’ve been spending a couple hours a day watching Spanish TV: Telemundo and Univision.

The programming directors have conspired against me.

During the hours I watch the Spanish stations, they seem to program soap operas – non-stop.

When I watch them I go a bit crazy.

Why is she surprised to see her husband and why does this other guy look guilty?

Why is the youngest daughter hiding from everyone?

Why is the man at the Acapulco General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport telling a photographer via cell phone to return to the beach?

It doesn’t make sense.

I understand the words but I don’t understand the message and what’s going on.

In Spanish we say I “comprendo” (understand) but I don’t “entiendo”  (understand).

Something similar can happen in romance.

You use the right words to romance your sweetheart but the message doesn’t go through.

You might say the right words but your tone of voice or your body language contradicts the words. Your sweetheart hears your words but the mixed messages resulting from the contradictions between the words and your tone of voice and your body language garble the message.

“Comprendo” but he/she doesn’t “entiendo.”

In my book, “Growing Romance”, I discuss romancing your sweetheart with words.

The actual words you use comprise less than 10% of what you communicate to your sweetheart. Your tone of voice and your body language communicate the majority of the message.

Even if you’re speaking English, unless your words, tone of voice and body language agree, you’ll be sending mixed messages. Your sweetheart will understand the words (“comprendo”) but not understand the message (“entiendo”).

Don’t throw your sweetheart into the middle of a Spanish soap opera.

Make sure he/she understands and understands. Entiendo?

You can find out more about my book, “Growing Romance” at  Robert

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