The Kissing Game

Is kissing disappearing from your relationship?

I’m not asking if you know how to make your lips touch your sweetheart’s or how to give a quick, fly-by peck on the cheek.

I’m talking about making out without going beyond kissing.

Trisha Hurbirt wrote an article on the website Third Age ( called “The Lost Art of Kissing”.

Trisha talks about savoring the pure joy of kissing instead of using kissing as foreplay.

It’s an experience that’ll take you back to the early days of your relationship. Remember kissing for hours while you kept your clothes on? The electric charge you felt the first time your lips touched?

Here are some ideas on how to bring kissing back into your relationship.

Surprise your sweetheart.

Greet him/her at the breakfast table and lock lips before consuming your toast.

  • Walk her to the car and smear her lipstick.
  • Lean back on the couch and kiss your sweetheart’s arm.
  • Kiss around the lips, on the end of the nose, on the chin.

Have fun, be playful.

Don’t forget to embrace your sweetheart, letting him/her know you still enjoy holding and being held.

Another article I read, Jill Blakeway, clinic director of the YinOva Center in NYC said there are some physical things that make kissing important.

It decreases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) and increases oxytocin (a bonding hormone). Chemically speaking, kissing makes you more relaxed and builds connection.

So plan a “kissing attack” on your sweetheart sometime in the next seven days – kissing without going any further.

This is especially good if your sweetheart prefers to be romanced with touch

If you plan your “attack” when either of you has somewhere to go, it’ll make it easier to keep it from going further.

Remember, the goal is only kissing.

Now where did I put my lip balm?

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