The sexes are very similar

Apologies for the short hiatus. The Christmas season will do that to one’s schedule.

When people find out about Romance Alive, some will:

Tell me they know how to romance their sweetheart, while winking and grinning;

Ask if it’s a dating service;

Say they’re married so romance isn’t as important as it was when they were still single.

And some will tell me about someone who could use my service, and often it’s their sweetheart.

As the conversation continues there often comes a point where they confess they wish there was more romance in their relationship. They confide about their challenges keeping romance fresh and alive.

There is a desire in each of us to have more moments of romance, moments that build the relationship and create memories.

This is true whether you’re a guy or lady.

In a study on the ways married men and women showed affection, Elizabeth Schoenfeld from the University of Texas in Austin followed 168 couples for 13 years.

Contrary to common gender stereotypes, the researchers found men just as likely as women to be openly affectionate. And the more men loved their wives, the more likely they were to be affectionate.

Stevie Yap from the department of psychology at Michigan State University in East Lansing also noted, “If you look at the overall research, gender differences don’t usually hold up.”

I agree with these researchers.

No matter the length of the relationship, men and women want romance and affection in their relationship. This is true even if one partner seems to passé about it.

But it takes commitment and deliberate actions on the part of both to keep romance alive.

So don’t bemoan the apparent loss
of romance in your relationship. You can keep it alive.

Could I be romantic with a playlist on my iPod and some candles?

Don’t forget about keeping romance alive during the Christmas season. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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