Romantic communicating in 2013

Some “gurus” forecast communication devices in 2013 will be smaller, lighter, more powerful and easier to use.

Did you know your might phone have more computing power than the computers used to land on the moon?

Yes, I remember.

Communication device for keeping in touch with my sweetheart in 1969 cost less than $1 – a pen, paper, envelope and a 6¢ stamp. But they were slower.

I’d write in circles, write a different direction on each page, write with different pens colors. Sometimes I’d scribble a picture on the envelope.

An upside down stamp meant a special message hidden under the stamp. It was “sealed with a lick ’cause a kiss wouldn’t stick”.

For years I kept a box of letters she wrote.

You might think I wish to return to the letter writing of 1969.


I may not write many letters but I use the tools available to communicate.

My sweetheart and I exchange multiple texts during the day. Instead of waiting two days to hear what’s happening, I find out within minutes.

While driving, we talk on the phone and share events of our day: frustrations with co-workers and supervisors, the unbelievable events in the news.

I call my kids, brother and my “friend” from 1969 – long distance – whenever I want, without watching the clock.

Instead of romanticizing letter writing, I use the communication devices available to me to romance my sweetheart, letting her know she’s part of my day.

Are you taking advantage of today’s communications options to romance your sweetheart?

Find a moment between emails, classes or meetings to reach out and touch your sweetheart.

While I sometimes will hand write a letter, I imagine your glad I dno’t try to blog via the post . . . on carbon paper copies . . . with whiteout smudges.

Here’s to your romantic 2013. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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