Have Fun Romancing

The 50’s TV shows about families seem to have a common theme.

Weekends and summer evenings were times for going to the park, picnicking, go visiting friends – together.

Do you see the common theme?

I see two:
1.  They intentionally did things – together;
2.  They had fun – together.

How long has it been since you did something fun with your sweetheart – together?

I find it easy to pack my non-working hours with chores. I don’t have time for fun.

Time with your sweetheart is squeezed between mowing grass and running to the grocery store. Maybe there’s a 15 minute stop for a burger with fries. (That’s done to save time so you can accomplish more.)

Romancing your sweetheart feels like storming the beaches of Normandy: rushing and dodging your way, hoping you’ll meet your obligations, trying to find time. And when you finally “find” time to romance him/her, you’re too exhausted to enjoy the moments together.

If you don’t take time to have fun with your sweetheart you’ll miss the romance. Your relationship will lose its spark. It will become drudgery.

So how do you find the time in 2013?

Treat it like work – without the drudgery.

At work you find time, make time for what must be accomplished.

Your boss tells you the job must be on his desk within two weeks. You find a way to make it happen, right?

Use the same approach with your sweetheart.
1.  This week, choose something fun you both enjoy doing.
2.  Both commit to setting time aside to enjoy it.
3.  Keep your promise and take time with your sweetheart.

Go antiquing or golfing. Go out for ice cream or bake cookies together.

The what-you-do is not important.

Have fun together is important and create a spark for your relationship.

How will you have fun this week romancing your sweetheart?

Leave a comment or write me: Robert@RomanceALIVE.com.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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