Diet and Romance

It started at the doctor’s office.

It really started long before the visit. The doctor only confirmed it. And the scales announced I had crossed a weight threshold I never expected to see.

You know how it is. Over 40 and a couple pounds a year find a home on your waist. In my case it was 10 years of a couple pounds each year.

I told myself.
“Cut back on evening meals.”
“Get a little more exercise.”
“International travel’s to blame.”

I was overweight and needed help.

So I got on a plan and saw results within a week.

Then they started. Excuses to stop the diet.

“You really look pretty good.”
“Actually you’re in fine shape”
“You don’t need to continue foregoing Mexican food and ice cream.”


To reach my weight goal, I have to constantly choose to stick with the diet.

Keeping romance alive in our relationship is like that.

We’re doing fair. We want it better. We can make improve by ourselves.

Then something happens and we see romance in our relationship isn’t going so well.

So we read a book (like “Growing Romance”), attend a seminar (like the Keeping Romance Alive Experience) or ask for some help. We work at it and create a romantic moment with our sweetheart.

The hard work pays off and she/he feels romanced.

The temptation is to let it stagnate a little above fair. We’re still together after all these years, doing better than most.

Is that your goal for your relationship – fair?  Honestly?

Like my diet, reaching your relationship goal requires a daily decision to keep creating more romance in your relationship.

Don’t settle. Keep reaching for your goal to bring romance alive in your relationship. It’s worth it!

As for my diet? Let’s just say I lost another 2.2 pounds while on vacation last week – almost at my goal and I’m lookin’ skinny and good! Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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