Romance and The Relationship Triangle

Romance can make a relationship glow, enhancing the relationship in a way unique between the couple.

But romance alone is worse than cheese sauce without macaroni.

The foundation of romance, the macaroni if you will, is a loving relationship. A solid relationship allow romance to provide the spark, the pizzazz in life.

I like triangles because of their importance to life.

In the “old west” of the U.S., cowhands were called to meals with a triangle.
Triangle shapes are often used in construction because of their great strength.
A strong family has three sides: two parents and a child.

If you’ve probably heard me talk about the Romance Triangle, the foundation for romance.

I believe romance is built on what I call the Relationship Triangle.

The three sides of the Relationship Triangle are:

  1. love;
  2. honor;
  3. respect.

Love is beyond deep affection for your sweetheart. Love also requires a desire for the absolute best for her/him and a willingness to forego your own desires for your sweetheart.

BTW, it doesn’t mean you submerge your self
and submit your being to another.
You must always be you.
This is allowing your wants to wait for your sweetheart.

Honor means you treat the person with dignity, as an equal.

Respect means you esteem the other, you admire their abilities, you honor their uniqueness’s.

The foundation upon which this Relationship Triangle rests is mutuality.

Mutual love, honor and respect are required or the Relationship Triangle comes unglued and the relationship either falls apart or has the life of a withered rose.

So it’s mutual love, mutual honor and mutual respect for each other and for the relationship.

With a strong Relationship Triangle in place, the Romance Triangle sparks life.

Are you building your Romance Triangle on a strong foundation of the Relationship Triangle? Something to think about – Robert.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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