Benefitting Others With Your Romantic Relationship

Keeping romance alive in your relationship brings benefits to more than just your relationship?

Let me explain.

I’ve shared with you my recent adventure in dieting. It’s been a pants-are-falling-down successful venture.

Now one of my friends started a diet.

He shared with me I inspired him to start his diet.


If I hadn’t:

  1. made the decision to lose weight;
  2. admitted I needed help to lose weight;
  3. stayed with the diet even when I missed chocolate ice cream;

my friend might not have started his diet.

My diet has positively affected more than just my life.

The same is true in your relationship.

Keeping romance alive will:

1)    Have a positive effect on your own relationship by:
a) Keeping life in your relationship;
b) Strengthening the bounds between the two of you;
c) Creating a reservoir of wonderful memories you’ll share.

2)    Teach your children:
a) how to how to romance their (future) sweetheart, and
b) how to keep romance alive in their relationship.

3)    Inspire others around you to proactively work to keep romance alive in their relationships.

For example . . . .

I want to learn to dance the waltz with my sweetheart,
to effortlessly glide around the room in time to the music.

Over and over I start out. I think:

  • Concentrate on the steps.
  • Watch where I’m going.
  • Don’t step on my partner.

Within five seconds I’ve stepped on her feet or run into someone. I’ve messed up – again.

I think, “I’m always messing up. My sweetheart won’t want to dance with me. I can’t dance.”

Then I’ll see someone I know who’s starting to waltz, to get around the room. I’m inspired to keep trying.

Be that inspiration. Put forth the effort to keep romance alive in your relationship.

You could be the encouragement someone else needs to continue working on their relationship. Robert


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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