Romance Interrupted by a Squirrell


If you could see my sweetheart right now, you’d see a smirk on her face. It’s an inside joke which started while watching the movie, “Up”.  Remember this movie?


The main character, Carl Fredricksen, had created a special collar which allows Dug to speak to humans. Dug is a dog. And dogs are easily distracted.

In the middle of a sentence, Dug will look sideways and yell, “Squirrel!”

And like Dug, I’ve been known to get distrac . . . Squirrel!

It’s not just dogs. People are easily distracted. Here’s proof.

According to a 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits study, people can’t stay away from their smartphones. Of the people studied:

12% used their smartphones in the shower;
19% used them during church;
33% checked their phones during a dinner date.

Talk about not giving your sweetheart your attention.

Oh, it gets worse.

An amazing 9% of the respondents admitted using their smartphones during moments of “physical intimacy”. And . . . a whopping 20% of adults in their “peak years” (18-34), admitted using them during these intimate moments.

Romance isn’t dead. It’s distracted!

If you can’t put your phone down in church, on a date or . . ., how can you give your sweetheart the attention for romance?


I admitted I’m easily distracted. This has proved to be detrimental to my relationship with my sweetheart. Occasionally I get my chops busted.

So what to do to counteract the pull of distractions?

  1. Acknowledge your distractedness is damaging your relationship;
  2. Decide to spend 30 minutes of concentrated time with your sweetheart;
  3. Find a quiet place, mostly free from distractions;
    I have to turn off the TV, the phone. Walk away from the computer.
    Do whatever it takes to be as distraction free as possible.
  4. Repeat regularly.

Your sweetheart knows you’re easily distracted. And when you work to concentrate on romancing her/him, your effort goes twice as far and means twice as much.

For goodness sakes, turn off the phone!


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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