Romantic Coaching

I evicted someone from my life this year, sent them packing. It wasn’t easy but it had to be done.

Now they want to return with a bunch of friends.

I was warned they might return and bring a their friends. I decided to make sure I wouldn’t allow them back into my life.

Tired of hearing about my weight loss? Bear with me one more time. There’s at least one more illustration to help you keep romance alive in your relationship.

Losing weight was the “easy” part – especially with help. All it took was changing habits to lose pounds.

Most people who lose weight will, within a month or so, allow those pounds (or kilos or stones) to return with several friends. A person loses 10 pounds and six weeks later renews the lease for those 10 pounds and 5 of their friends.

The only way to evict the pounds and not let them return with friends is by making the habit-change permanent, leasing your body to new habits – long term.

To keep the 30 pounds away, I needed help. I needed help to lose the pounds and need help to keep the pounds and friends from returning. It’s enjoyable to hear about how good I look.

Every week I return to my local Quick Weight Loss Center to check in and weigh in. I need their continuing coaching and encouragement.

The same is true for keeping romance alive in your relationship. Don’t assume it’ll just happen. Be deliberate.

1)  To change habits and learn to be more romantic:
Find someone who has proven their ability to romance to help you change habits and teach you how to romance your sweetheart.

2)  For coaching and encouragement:
Find a source to coach and encourage you keep practicing those new habits – long term.

So how can I help and encourage you? Let me know – Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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