Romance Is All Greek (to me)

A couple is a wonderful creation.

I look at couples, especially couples in a wonderful relationship, and notice:

  • They enjoy sharing life together.

Watch and you’ll see them laughing together over a comic strip. They might work together in the garden, sharing the satisfaction of a basket full of vegetables.

  • They help each other through difficult times.

When one loses their job, the other cheers them through the pursuit of their next career. If one’s sick, the other takes them to the doctor, fills the prescription, sets up their bed.

The most amazing thing about a couple is what they become together.

It starts with the truth: No two people have the same talents.

Some have musical talents.  Others can produce extra money.
Some can fix a car. Another make people feel comfortable around them.

When you combine two people with unique talents in a loving relationship, it can be magical.

When we combine my knack for planning with my sweetheart’s financial skills, we have finances for more adventures together.

When it comes to romance, the combination advantages hold true.

One’s talent thinks up romantic places to go and the other’s generates ideas of what to do when they get there.

One might know how and when to touch. His/her sweetheart talent is finding ways to carve out time together.

When each values and combines those unique talents each brings to the relationship, you realize one person doesn’t have to produce all the romantic ideas.

And when the two of you work together to create romance, when you use both partner’s ideas for romance, you realize Aristotle was correct when he said,

to sýnolo eínai megalýtero apó to áthroisma to̱n meró̱n tou


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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