What Game Is Your Romance?

My sweetheart recently mentioned she heard a discussion equating relationship to different sports.

That got me to wondering what sport our relationship resembles.

Is it tennis?
Do we go back and forth on things, each person lobbing their side of the argument back at the other. When one person “wins” a particular argument, they serve up the next topic for debate. Back-and-forth-and-back we go and love is not a good score.

Maybe baseball?
Most of the team does very little 90% of the time. They’re more spectators – until a critical moment. Suddenly their skill is important – before lapsing back into inactivity.

Or bridge?
You subtly hint what you want your partner to do while he/she hints back what you’re to do. When you miss the hints, a heated discussion and accusations ensue.

How about an Olympic sport?
In competition requiring two people competing together, it’s obvious which pair has worked together for years. They un-jealously use each person’s strengths for the team’s best. There’s smooth communication between them. You’ll notice this in beach volleyball, pairs ice skating, 2-person bobsledding,  rowing or romancing your sweetheart.

I like that idea.

How is romance like an Olympic, two-person sport?

When two people work together to bring romance into their relationship:

  • They actually work at it together.
  • There’s an understanding of each person’s preferred way to be romanced.
  • Each gladly romances the other in their preferred way of being romanced.
  • Subtle, unspoken communication tells the other, “I find this romantic”.

If I want it to be, my relationship can be a sport. And it’s my decision the type of sport it becomes.

Being a person who enjoys the water, I like 2-person sailing.

What sport is your relationship? Leave a message and let me know. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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