Share Your Romantic Preference

Last week and this week I was asked, “You’re Mr. Romance. Tell us something romantic.”

This week my response was, “romance your sweetheart how he/she wants to be romanced. It takes the focus off you and puts it on your sweetheart.”

The three women liked the idea.

After being queried with the same question last week, I got into a discussion with one of them about romance and preferences.

When I asked her how she preferred to be romanced, she commented it must be with words because her husband is always telling her he loves her.

That wasn’t the question I asked so I pressed,
“So what is yours? It’s quite apparent his is words. What about you?”

We continued discussing the idea and the major ways of being romanced.
1) Words
2) Little gifts
3) Time
4) Touch
At last she acknowledged she probably didn’t know her preference. Her preference? That’s a new idea.

It is important to know your sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced.
It’s also important to know how you prefer to be romanced

Part of a great relationship is giving your sweetheart feedback – both positive and negative. If you don’t know you prefer to be romanced, how will you help your sweetheart learn?

To discover your preferred way to be romanced, apply the same technique you use to learn your sweetheart’s preference – observation.
· What touches you in a unique way?
· What do you see/observe in other’s interactions that seems romantic to you?
· When you read the list of preferred ways above, which one did you consider just a moment longer than the others?

Discover your preferred way of being romanced – then share it with your sweetheart! It’s good for romance and the relationship.


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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