What Do You Think Of Your Sweetheart?

What do you think of your sweetheart?

Do you think he/she is:

  • A real “catch”?
  • A ‘has been”?
  • Still attractive?
  • Worth the effort to romance?

Does your sweetheart know how you feel?

Hopefully you’ve asked yourself these and similar questions because your sweetheart already knows what you think about him/her.

That’s right, your sweetheart knows whether or not you’re still romantically attracted to her/him.

How do they know?

You continually tell her/him.

Every day you communicate to your sweetheart how attracted you (still) are to her/him.

Every day you teach your sweetheart 1) whether or not you think you’re lucky to be in relationship with them, 2) how important he/she is to you, 3) if you’re (still) romantically attracted to her/him.

You teach them by:

  • How much time you spend with them;
  • The words you use when you speak with them;
  • The effort you put into the relationship;
  • How you romance your sweetheart.

Since today you’ll again teach your sweetheart what you think of him/her, why not teach them what you want them to know?

That’s right. You can train your sweetheart to know how much you want to romance him/her.

You can set a goal of teaching your sweetheart you’re (still) very attracted to her/him and consider it a privilege to romance them. Start by discovering their romantic preference then romance them focusing on that preference.

It will take deliberateness on your part. It will take energy.

But it sure beats hoping serendipity works in your favor. After all, your sweetheart is definitely important enough to you to make your own luck. Right?


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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