Being An Adaptable Romantic

My sweetheart prefers summertime. With her birthday during the colder months , I like to plan a birthday trip to a warmer climate. Just about every year I’ve done this, the destination has failed me.

  • New Orleans turned to Minot the day after we arrived.
  • In San Antonio, the Riverwalk boats were buttoned up because of the temperatures.
  • New York gave us frozen eyelids.

Last summer I researched what I thought were two ideal locations: Aruba and Key West.

After 2 months spent planning the trip, I found out she didn’t want to on an expensive trip. “Let’s save our vacation money for a big trip next year “, she said.

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this.

You create a plan, think you’ve found a great way to romance your sweetheart. Then find out your sweetheart would prefer something different.

Don’t fear.
Don’t panic.
And don’t press on, rolling full speed forward like a bowling ball on its way towards the pins.

Become adaptable.

When given new or additional information about your sweetheart’s preferences, listen, and be willing make changes.

Maybe you made restaurant reservations weeks in advance, wanting to surprise your sweetheart with a special night out. Your sweetheart comes home and talks about wanting a quiet evening at home. What do you do? Adapt.

Call the restaurant and ask if they do take out?
Or, order pizza and chill your sweetheart’s favorite beverage.

Maybe you rented a movie, have that beverage chilling and are ready for a quiet evening. Your sweetheart calls to let you know he/she needs a night away from the house. What do you do? Adapt.

Adapt your plans to what your sweetheart really wants.

You’ll find your sweetheart will appreciate your adaptability and think you’re a wonderful romantic, because you provided a romantic experience he/she appreciated.

BTW, I modified plans and she really enjoyed the new choice.

What plans have you modified to meet your sweetheart’s preference? Robert

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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