Tenacious In Romance

I had a front row seat to a tug-of-war between a hawk and a squirrel play out on the ground in front of me.

The hawk had a very young squirrel securely in its talons, wings beating for lift off.

On the other side was another squirrel, probably mommy squirrel. She also had a hold of the young squirrel, fearlessly engaged in her attempt to keep the hawk and young squirrel grounded.

I don’t know how long the two combatants had been engaged when I happened upon the field of battle but it was shortly after my arrival when the outcome was decided.

Can you guess which won?

Mommy squirrel wrestled the young squirrel from the talons of death and carried the young one up the tree, across the cable wire and into my attic. (Wasn’t too thrilled about that!)

The hawk sat on the ground for a minute or two, probably wondering how he could possibly have been robbed a squirrel dinner.

Fearlessness and tenacity of the mommy squirrel won the day.

Did you make resolutions or goals for 2014 last month?
Did they include romantic resolutions or goals?

One thing you’ll need to meet you goals or resolutions is fearlessness and tenacity.

At times you won’t feel like romancing your sweetheart.
Romantic overtures will fail to gain the response you anticipated.
Romance may not be reciprocated as you hoped.

At those moments you can quit or become the tenacious little squirrel.

In those moments summon your resolve. Realize it’s the direction of the year, not the outcome of a single romantic gesture which brings more romance into your relationship.

My hope is you included romantic resolutions for this year and will tenaciously pursue them during the next twelve months.

In the next 11 months, you can make romance come more alive in your relationship. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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