Penguin Romance

The other evening my sweetheart and I watched a well known documentary about Penguins –Emperor penguins.

I found these are dedicated and durable birds to be quite the romantics.

  • They show up dressed in tuxes.
  • They choose a mate and formed a monogamous relationship.
  • The male Emperor penguin is very attentive to their mate.
  • The female Emperor penguins fight over the males. (OK, not very romantic.)

What struck me as extremely romantic started with their courtship.

They begin by standing face-to-face. One stretches its head upward. The other bird mirrors this movement. They bow their heads forming graceful mirrored arches. Sometimes they’ll tenderly touch wings. Each move slow and intimate.

It’s a quiet dance – almost as if the two are lost to the noisy world of the penguin colony, nothing else matters, and the universe contains only two.

The pair re-enters the penguin world by waddling around the colony together, almost as if announcing they are now a couple.

These romantic moments become juxtaposed to the harshness of the next seven to eight months.

To raise their chick, the pair endures months without food, temperatures plummeting to -40° and blizzards with 90 mph winds.

Each time they reunite, in the midst of unfathomable harshness, they spend a few minutes in quiet, shared moments of intimacy, basking in the warmth of their relationship.

Many times we start off being very romantic. We share moments, create memories and become lost in togetherness.

When life gets busy and tough. Romance becomes a memory as we brace ourselves for the challenges of today. Time for romantic intimacy is allowed to vanish in favor of duty.

If romance has slipped from your relationship, become a penguin. Take 10 minutes this week to bask in your relationship, lost in your own private moments. And enjoy each other’s company.



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