Effortless Chivalry

Saturday night I was having dinner with my son in Austin, Texas. We’d just placed our order when this elegant couple caught my eye. Reaching their table, the man effortlessly pulled out the lady’s chair, then eased it forward as she bent her knees and gracefully sat down.

Such chivalry required acknowledgment. I approached their table and the gentleman stood up. What manners!

I complimented him on treating this woman as a lady. He shared with me that this was the way he was raised.
The lady’s eyes twinkled as she asked, “So, you think I should keep him?”

How could I answer? I excused myself, rejoining my son at our table.

When I speak with guys about pulling out chairs, opening doors and walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk, I hear, “it would feel weird”. Women sometimes squirm at the idea.

Truth is, it would feel uncomfortable and awkward for many guys & gals.

It felt awkward the first time I took to the dance floor. My left foot went one way, my right another, and both at the wrong time. The next class wasn’t much better. Dancing to music created discomfort in this musician.

“Give me a year,” my instructor (“Dancing”) Judy told me, “and I’ll teach you to dance.”

Several times I considered quitting. Progress seemed slow. But I didn’t quit. I keep at it.

And it did become comfortable and natural.

The same is true about treating your sweetheart as a lady or gentleman. Chivalry may seem awkward at first. It may feel forced. There may be times when you forget.

Keep trying and learning. And in a year, chivalry will become second nature. Robert


Someday your sweetheart will become the recipient of the effortlessness chivalry I noted in a gentleman on an evening night out.


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