Learn Romance By Imitating

In 1995, four teenage boys got together and formed a band. Nothing unusual there. Many guys do and often for the same reason – to attract girls. These guys happen to share a love of playing music of a band who pre-dated their existence – The Beatles.

First it was playing for fun. Then a friend asked them to play in front of an audience. This led to more requests.

They discovered they weren’t half bad.

As time went on they worked harder and harder, imitating the instruments, sounds, looks, presence and accents of The Beatles.

I imagine when The Return (www.TheReturnOnline.com) first started, they were decent musicians. My sweetheart knew them early on and has observed their musicianship and ability to mimic The Beatles attain a very high level of authenticity.

They’ve perfected their craft by:

  1. Constant practice,
  2. Listening intently to the nuances of The Beatles music,
  3. Watching video footage of The Beatles performances,
  4. More practice.

Today, The Return is an internationally acclaimed Beatles tribute band. Their shows transport listeners to the experience of a live, Fab Four show, as it did recently for my sweetheart & me.

What does The Return have to do with romance?

In the same manner in which The Return have perfected their craft, you can perfect your ability to romance your sweetheart.

  1. Find someone who is a great romantic and study how they romance their sweetheart;
  2. Observe the subtle ways he/she interacts with his/her sweetheart;
  3. Write down ideas these observations trigger;
  4. Test your ideas with your sweetheart.

Not every idea works the first time. There will be a learning curve. You will experience romantic successes and failures.

Keep at it until you are no longer the imitator. You become the romantic someone else wishes to imitate.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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