Romance Reduced Dementia

Did you know romancing your sweetheart lowers the risk of dementia.

At least that’s my interpretation of an article someone shared with me.

The Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York conducted a 21 year study of people over the age of 75 measuring mental acuity in aging. They monitored the rates of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The study found people who participated in mentally engaging activities lowered the risk of dementia.

  • Those who solved problems in new ways, became involved in new things or did activities requiring quick decision making ended up creating new neural paths in their brains.
  • Having more multiple neural pathways gave them the ability to use another pathway when an old one stops connecting. They had multiple paths to choose from.

This type of mental activity lowered the risk of dementia even more than physical activity alone. And I see romancing your sweetheart as this type of activity.

How did I make the leap from mental stimulation to romance?

  • If you’re interested in developing a better relationship with your sweetheart, you’ll want to improve your ability to romance your sweetheart.
  • To improve, you’ll look for and try new ways to romance your sweetheart.
  • This creates new neural pathways for romancing your sweetheart.

Bottom line: Looking for and discovering new ways to romance your sweetheart keeps your mind agile. And, voila, it reduces your risk of dementia. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

How will you put romance to work in your relationship to ward off dementia? Something to consider. Robert

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