Don’t Be A Romantic Coaster

Apologies for the delayed blog. Usually I post on Mondays but missed yesterday.

A challenger, not a coaster be?

Do you coast along, letting your relationship just happen?
Or do you continue challenging yourself to improve your relationship?

Here’s the story of my friend Michael and the year “Michael took a walk”.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a hiking trail designated an U.S. National Scenic Trail. It begins at the US-Mexico border in California and ends at the US-Canadian border.  Along the way hikers encounters desert heat, alpine crispness, majestic vistas and Redwood giants.

Each year between 700 & 900 people start “thru-hikes”. Fewer than half complete the entire 2,650 mile trail.

One year, Michael, then in his mid-60’s, set out to thru-hike the PCT. Within a few weeks, others he met gave him the trail name “young geezer”.

During his trek to Canada, he experienced:

  • the furnace of the dry Mojave desert,
  • a leg wound that laid him up several days,
  • the kindness of trail angels, and
  • both solitude & exhaustion.

Michael didn’t let age slow him down from stretching himself and reaching this goal. He trained by taking increasingly longer hikes, including time on the Appalachian Trail in the eastern US.

Michael kept pushing himself to become better until he crossed the Canadian border, joining an elite club who have hiked the entire PCT.

You can approach your relationship as Michael did his “walk”.

  • Set your goal to develop an outstanding relationship.
  • Try romantic ideas to keep your relationship alive.
  • Make continual improvements.
  • Persist, no matter how long you’ve been together.

This approach will help you make your relationship share a satisfaction Michael felt when he became part of an elite group who challenged themselves, going from good to great. Robert


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