Romance, Just Because

Today could be your wedding anniversary, your sweetheart’s birthday or Valentine’s day.

You may have spent several days or weeks planning how you’ll romance your sweetheart.
And you’re romancing your sweetheart using the Platinum Rule of Romance, right?

Romance your sweetheart in the way your sweetheart wants to be romanced.

What if it’s not a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day?

Waiting for a special day to romance your sweetheart can be quite limiting. Beyond the big three above, there’s New Year’s Eve and Christmas and . . . . Rather limiting, right?

To help overcome the limitations of being romantic only for special occasions, I have two suggestions.

First – Create your own special day.

Make up a special day to romance your sweetheart. Maybe:

  • Your First Kiss Day (if you don’t remember the exact date, make up a date);
  • Your First Date Day;
  • The first Weather’s-Warm-Enough-To-Wear -Shorts Day;
  • The first Fireplace-Evening of the Season;

This can be fun because either of you can create your own unique day and build the romantic adventure around the day’s theme.

Use days where other countries and cultures celebrate romance. For example:

  • The Jewish Tu B’Av love festival for couples during the summer;
  • March 14, the Japanese White Day;
  • The Welsh St. Dwynwen’s Day (patron saint for lovers) on January 25.

Second Suggestion – Celebrate just because.

One day I bought my sweetheart a bouquet of roses. The card read, “Just because it’s Tuesday.” I didn’t need a specific occasion. And she loved the surprise!

If you need an occasion to romance your sweetheart, make one up.
If you really want to surprise your sweetheart, romance him/her – just because. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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