Never Give Up, Never Surrender on Romance

Movie parodies can be great and other times you know they only did it for the money. The movie parody Galaxy Quest was a success – financially, critically and with the rabid fans of the original film.

The movie spoofed the hallowed ground of Star Trek.

Tim Allen played Jason Nesmith (aka Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart of the starship Protector). He did such a fantastic job mimicking William Shattner’s (aka Captain Kirk) swagger that George Takei (aka Sulu) said he was rolling in the aisles and roaring with laughter.

In the satire, the oft repeated mantra was, “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

This is good advice when you’re romancing your sweetheart.

As all of us have experienced, not every attempt at romancing our sweetheart is an unqualified success. In fact, if you haven’t had a romantic interlude end in a debacle, you may have a stagnant romantic life.

What did you do last time your attempt at romancing your sweetheart was a fiasco? Did you:

  • Shake your head and swear you’d never do anything like that again?
  • Stop trying anything different and head back to the rut?
  • Pick up the pieces, massage the emotional bruises and make a note of why it didn’t seem to work?

I’d like to encourage you to take the third of the three routes available to you. Don’t just stare at what didn’t work. Figure out why it didn’t work.

Then re-assemble your ego, add in the lesson(s) learned and try another way to romance your sweetheart.

Learn to: Never Give up! Never Surrender to Failures!


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