Intentional Romantic Touching

What happens when a young child begins to feel anxious?
Their brows twitch, their face contorts and they attempt to create physical distance. They might begin crying.

What calms that child?
A parent or sibling offering a finger to hold or resting  their hand on the child’s head or shoulders.

That touch communicates to a child safety, reassurance. For us older children, a touch can also communicate many emotions: peace, anger, love.

Matthew Hertenstein from DePauw University discovered that participants in his study communicated eight distinct emotions through touch. His study also revealed participants were able to accurately communicate an emotion 78% of the time. Three in four messages of emotions like anger, fear, gratitude, sympathy, etc. were accurately communicated simply through touch.

All of which leads me to ask:

  • What does your touch communicate to your sweetheart?
  • Do you intentionally select the way you touch your sweetheart to communicate your feelings?
  • Do you use touch to romance your sweetheart?

Here are three of many ways you can intentionally touch your sweetheart and what messages are associated with that touch.

  • Holding hand, especially in public, communicates, “Your special.”
  • A hug signals, “You’re valuable to me and I enjoy being close.”
  • Kissing your sweetheart on the head or cheek communicates a quick, “It’s just between us.”

What do you communicate when you run your hands through your sweetheart’s hair, playfully wrestle, sit close enough to touch or quickly brush your hand on her/his arm?

You can use the art of touch to romance your sweetheart. Intentionally touching your sweetheart at least once-a-day with the goal of communicating a specific message will help you make your relationship great.

It will help you make your romance come alive. I hope you’ll intentionally touch your sweetheart today. Robert

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