How To Be Romanced

Thousands of people eagerly awaited the outcome. Most were content to observe from afar, but scores braved sub-freezing temperatures to witness the prediction in person. Within the crowd some adorned their faces, celebrating the ritual.

What would the rodent tell them this year?

At 8 a.m., Shubenacadie Sam was coaxed from his hutch with carrots at the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia, Canada to become the first groundhog in North America to search for his shadow. Town crier Anita Benedict’s proclamation, “Shubenacadie Sam has seen his shadow.” Sam’s prediction of six additional weeks of winter heralded my discomfort.

The day before Groundhog Day, my sweetheart and I wrote our predictions on pieces of paper: shadow or no shadow. Whomever guessed incorrectly would create a Romantic Interlude for the other. Think I mentioned that a couple weeks ago.

I predicted he’d see his shadow – and I was correct. Discomfort started gnawing at me like the rodent gnawing on his carrot snack.

Why the unease about my sweetheart creating a Romantic Interlude for me? Men are supposed to romance their lady. It’s traditional. It’s chivalrous. It’s . . . “normal”.

Please understand, my sweetheart has created many Romantic Interludes for me. She’s given me ideas which I’ve included on this blog. For some reason I felt I should have “lost” the bet and been the romancer.

People get caught up in traditional ideas:

  • Men romance woman.
  • Women are romanced by men.

Stepping outside this “norm” can leave both parties feeling “uneasy”.

I challenge you to feel uncomfortable, both of you. Whomever usually creates these moments of romance, now will let the other create the Romantic Interlude.

As for the recipient:

  • Let go of your sense of duty to be the creator of romance. and
  • Enjoy the moment your sweetheart creates.

BTW, my sweetheart created a wonderful day together that I, rather we enjoyed. Robert

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