Valentine’s Day Is Over!

Valentine’s Day’s done. It’s all over, just a memory in the distant past by now. You romanced your sweetheart, had a wonderful day/evening together. No need to worry about romance for another 300 or so days.

Now what?

Listening to Valentine’s skeptics, I hear a recurring spoken and unspoken message under all the cynicism. Their theme centers on this idea.

Why do we only celebrate romance once-a-year, on a date arbitrarily selected by a card-candy-flower-dinner conglomerate?

Which leads me back to the question, now what? Now that February 14th has passed, where’s the romance?

I like what Brad McNeill, a man in his 40s and owner of A&B Paving, said about can’t miss Valentine’s Day gifts. To paraphrase:

Valentine’s Day is a 365-day-a-year proposition you and your sweetheart agreed to when you got together. You will have ups and downs, but if we concerned ourselves with every day as much as Valentine’s Day, then we might have happier relationships.

As a reader of this blog, the question “what next” doesn’t even register with you. You don’t need a holiday hijacked by some mega-corp to create more romance in your relationship. You proactively romance your sweetheart, constantly looking to romance him/her as he/she prefers to be romanced.

But if one of your friends should ask that question, help them out. They can begin next year’s Valentine’s Day celebration today.

  • Surprise your sweetheart with a babysitter and an evening out for just the two of you.
  • When your sweetheart gives you a leaving-for-work hug, hold it just 2 seconds longer.
  • Try out one of the suggestions you might have read here.

Remind your friend that when romancing her/his sweetheart the other 364 days of the year, days that don’t begin with the letter “V” will become Valentine’s. Your friend will enjoy the freedom to celebrate their relationship anytime he/she feels like it.

Your friend’s relationship will experience more memory-creating moments with his/her sweetheart.

And next February 14th will not be an anomaly, but be a true celebration of the relationship. Just an idea . Robert

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