Couple’s Bubble And Romance

Do you protect your “Couple’s Bubble”?

A Couple’s Bubble, according to Dr. Stan Tatkin, is a space where both members of the relationship feel safe, secure and together. Both members work together to create this space and protect it from people and situations which would impinge upon it.

Each of us and our relationship needs a “Couple’s Bubble” where we can relax, be ourselves and enjoy the relationship.

Dr. Tatkin ( has spent over 15 years giving couples tools to create their Couple’s Bubble. His keys for creating and protecting Couple’s Bubble are:

  • Both put the safety and security of the relationship first.
  • Each protects the other. No one’s thrown under the bus.
  • Develop an agreement on how to handle “third parties”, anyone or anything outside the relationship.
  • Resolve fights and disagreements quickly.

Romance comes into Dr. Tatkin’s last two keys.

  • Learn what makes your sweetheart happy or sad.

Take time to learn about your sweetheart, becoming an expert on your sweetheart’s likes and dislikes. In romance we call this learning to romance your sweetheart how she/he wants to be romanced.

  • Actively create happy memories.

This is the goal of romance and it fortifies your Couple’s Bubble.

In my recording, “Discover Your Romantic Preference” part of my definition of romance is:

“Creating special moments that enhance the relationship in a way that is unique between the couple, which leaves a special memory.”

I encourage you to find ways this week to strengthen your Couple’s Bubble. Use romance as the foundation to reinforce your relationship and build up your Couple’s Bubble. Robert

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