Beware of TV Romances

Is your idea of romance:

In the morning mist, two lovers kissed
And the world stood still. (Love Is a Many Splendored Thing)

Or maybe

Baby you love’s got the best of me
Baby you’re making a fool of me
You got me spring and I don’t care who sees (Crazy in Love)

Do you believe romance is portrayed in “Sleepless in Seattle” or “The Notebook”?

These songs and movies depict “romance”. They transport our spirit to a place where the air is light, where bold gentlemen capture fair maiden’s hearts, and you lose your sense of time while with your sweetheart.

From time-to-time it’s good to be transported back to those romantic feelings that surged through your relationship in its infancy. Tapping into those memories, whether triggered by a song, movie or an event, can remind you of the romance you shared.

At the same time, you don’t want to get so caught up in those externally stimulated feelings, you find yourself expecting romance to be like the contrived scenarios of fabricated stories and songs.

Dr. Jeremy Osborn’s research confirmed, the more a person believes TV’s portrayal of romance, the less likely they are to be committed in their relationship. His research subjects who allowed their view of romance to be defined by TV also believed their current relationship costs them personal freedom.

What’s needed is balance, a balance between idyllic and our maturity.

Enjoy the longings for a return to your first-year’s romancing when you hear a song or see a movie portraying romance. Let the fairytale crafted by highly skilled storytellers remind you of your Camelot. Let it inspire you to bring more romance into your relationship.

Then remember:

  • A visit to Camelot is good.
  • An extended stay is detrimental.
  • Real romance with your sweetheart is best.

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