Don’t Give Up On Romance

They’ve been together a very long time and I’ve known them even longer. Several years ago they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Like all relationships I’ve seen, as an outsider I sometimes wonder how they’ve remained together.

She endeavors to create special moments of romance to enhance their relationship. And she longs to be romanced, to feel special and cherished by him.

He hasn’t allowed himself to be romanced or to romance her the way she wants to be romanced. Her romantic gestures are not appreciated.

Have you seen a relationship like this?

In the relationship which came to mind, maybe it’s the woman who doesn’t create special moments with her sweetheart, while the man’s attempts at romancing his sweetheart are rebuffed or, worse, snubbed.

While observing this we might wonder how they stay together. How does one choose to remain in a relationship where romance is not given the opportunity to make their relationship great?

There are two reasons my friend remains in their relationship: commitment and choice.

  1. She is committed to the relationship, to vows made decades ago.
  2. Every day she chooses to stay in the relationship, to continue looking for ways to improve their relationship.

Our relationships might be good. They might not be great, but they’re good. We know it could be great if both of us allowed romance to permeate our relationship.

In those moments when you doubt romance will ever envelop your relationship, recommit to your sweetheart and choose to continue pursuing romance.

Recently my friend shared that she’d received the most precious, personalized card ever. It reached from deep inside him to deep inside her, expressing how precious and important she is to him.

After years of choice and commitment, he romanced her. I was so glad to see this happen. Robert

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