Only One Moment For Romance

The other day while wandering down the hall, I realized there would never be that particular moment again. That instant in my life was gone, history. No matter what, I couldn’t get it back. If I’d thought about doing something, I missed my chance.

It may seem a bit abstract for a blog about romance until you grasp what I realized: more than once I’ve missed a moment to romance my sweetheart.

I’ll get this idea, something I could do or a way I could romance my sweetheart that she would appreciate. This romantic idea would:

  • Express my affection for her;
  • Create a special moment between us; and
  • Generate a shared memory.

If I don’t act now on the idea or impulse, I lose the moment. Life keeps flowing past the idea, sweeping me down the stream of my hectic life. That occasion to romance my sweetheart disappears around the bend of my life.

For a couple weeks I’ve been thinking about sending my sweetheart flowers. I haven’t done that in a while. While it may not be her #1 way to be romanced, it adds variety to the ways I romance her.

A week went by. I’d forget then procrastinate calling the florist. The next week I was “too busy”.

I missed 10 opportunities to romance my sweetheart, opportunities I cannot get back. Those moments in life floated by never to return. I let them slip past me without taking advantage of any of them to romance my sweetheart.

Today I chose not to let another occasion for romance slip away.

When you get an urge, an impulse to romance your sweetheart, don’t miss the opportunity. While you may have an opportunity to romance your sweetheart in the future, you can never reclaim this moment for romance.

What moment did you take advantage of this week? Robert

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