Romance On Vacation

Do you need a vacation? Are you making plans?

My sister-in-law shared with me that when they go on vacation, she makes no plans the first day or so. Those first hours, my brother reads, sleeps and may watch a little TV as he decompresses from the pressure of running his business. She has no plans to do much together for those initial hours.

Then he seems to wake up, to interact with her. Plans for doing things together and enjoying each other’s company come together.

Recently my sweetheart and I began making plans for a vacation. We’re planning time for exploration and relaxation. Our desire is to discover the sites of our destination. We also know it’s important to have time for leisure and simply enjoying each other’s companionship.

How about your vacation plans? Will it be relaxing or full of museums, architecture and travel?

Did you include time for romance on your vacation?

It’s easy to get caught up in travel arrangements, what to do when you arrive, the places you’ll visit and where you’ll eat. Vacation hours become so programmed, you miss a great opportunity for vacation romance.

Vacation is an extended period of re-creation spent away from home. I’d like to encourage you to intentionally plan time for romance on your vacation.

  1. If you suspect you’ll arrive exhausted from travel and last minute duties, wait a day or two before romancing your sweetheart.
  2. Make specific plans for romance: reservations at a nice restaurant, a harbor cruise, a quiet walk where you can just be together.
  3. Set the tone for the vacation. Make arrangements to have something special waiting for your sweetheart when you arrive.

It’s easy to cast your romantic destiny to the Fates. It’s more likely to create that romantic memory if you intentionally plan ahead for romance on vacation. Robert

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