Night of the Lovers

For 5 dark years:

  • Choosing your own spouse – forbidden.
  • Unmarried man and woman talking in private – outlawed.
  • Dating – not tolerated.
  • Segregation of the sexes – the rule.

Then it changed.

Young people began pursuing their own relationships. And as they fumbled with the concept of modern relationships, hearts were broken.

Enter Ajmal Noorzai.

Every Friday evening he gives a two-hour platform for fragmented hearts with the words, “You are listening to 98.1 Aman FM and this is The Night of the Lovers.”

The BBC World Service broadcast the story about this post-Taliban Afghanistan radio program. Ajmal, the host, gives no advice. He simply encourages people to share their story of doomed relationships and battered hearts.

Today in an Afghanistan free from Taliban rule, most dating takes place on the phone. Dating is a new and awkward experience, like new born puppies. Inevitably, as in western, face-to-face dating, people experience crushed love.

What listeners to The Night of the Lovers experience, whether taxi drivers, weary soldiers or internet geeks, is a comradery of shared experiences. Listeners realize they aren’t alone in failed romances.

Do you sometimes wonder if anyone else ever feels frustrated and embarrassed when an attempt at romance flops? Truth is, we’ve all failed and felt this.

A good romantic has a close friend in whom they can confide and share those moments. It soothes your soul to realize you’re not the only one who’s felt this pain.

The Night of the Lovers provides people in Afghanistan a platform to share love and heartache, and to find silent support in thousands of listeners.

Find your support for those unfortunate attempts at romance which don’t succeed. This way you’ll be more willing to:

  • Try to be romantic more frequently, and
  • Test different ideas for romancing your sweetheart.

You’ll be more romantic. Robert

© 2015. I don’t mind you sharing this material as long as it is credited/linked to the author and this blog.


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