Being Romantic No Matter What

She was frantically pulling donuts, bagels, cream cheese, orange juice and coffee from the six different grocery bags she’d lugged in from her car. The bags were stuffed and it had taken three wind-blown trips in 20 degree weather to bring in breakfast.

The executive meeting was to begin in just 20 minutes and it was obvious her day had not started well. At least the weather forecast was wrong: just a few flakes instead of snow showers.

My offer for assistance was quickly accepted.

As she instructed me where to place things, she confided her displeasure with the caterer. She got up early not only to set the room, she also had to purchase breakfast because of the caterer.

The caterer told her that with the possibility of snow in the forecast, they couldn’t guarantee delivery of the breakfast she’d ordered weeks in advance.

They found an excuse to shirk their commitment they’d contracted to do.

Instead of committing to do whatever it took, arranging for a four-wheeled vehicle and sleeping in the restaurant if necessary, they justified the negation of their commitment with a weather forecast.

People can find or create excuses not to romance their sweetheart using alibis like:

  • I was going to take you out but I’m just too tired.
  • Sorry I missed our night out. It was one of those days.
  • I wanted to romance you but I couldn’t think of anything you’d appreciate.

You can keep your Romance Alive in your relationship by differentiating yourself from the caterers out there and keeping your commitment to romance your sweetheart, no matter what happens.

By distinguishing yourself from ordinary suitors, by keeping your commitment no matter the weather forecast, your sweetheart will know your love.

And you’ll prove yourself to be the romantic your sweetheart desires. Robert

© 2015. This material may be shared as long as it is credited/linked to the author and this blog.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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