Romancing With Time

Howard Stern has earned the reputation as shock jock, unpredictable, indecent and outrageous radio personality. He’s also known as a great interviewer and his guest list proves it.

Recently Mr. Stern interviewed music legend David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / The Byrds / Jefferson Starship) whose career started in the early 1960’s and continues today.

During the interview, Crosby performed a song he wrote, “Somebody Home”. Howard asked him if it was about a particular woman. Crosby said it’s about all women, about getting beyond “the wrapping” of a woman to see the gift inside.

So, how do you get to know a woman,” Stern asked.

Crosby’s answer was spot on – you spend time and sooner or later you get to know the person inside.

An expanded version – you get to know your sweetheart by spending time with your sweetheart.

This is what people who prefer being romanced through the gift of time desire. For them, special moments that enhance the relationship are created when their sweetheart takes time to be with them.

When you spend time with your sweetheart:

  • You give the most valuable gift you can.
  • It communicates how much you value your sweetheart.
  • What you do together is secondary to just spending the time together.

Of the four major ways of romancing your sweetheart, romancing with time is the easiest, hardest and most expensive.

Here’s how you can start romancing your sweetheart with the time:

  1. Set aside a 30 minute block of time that’s convenient to your sweetheart;
  2. During that time, eliminate every distraction possible (phone, TV, kids);
  3. Ask your sweetheart to share the top thing on their “bucket list”; and
  4. Actively listen

Romance your sweetheart with the gift of time and enjoy creating memories.

Is this your favorite way of being romanced? Robert


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