Romancing With Touch

A common theme runs through at least one song by each of these musicians.

  • Dolly Parton
  • Brandy
  • The Black Keys
  • Gretchen Wilson
  • Diana Ross
  • Barry Manilow

Each of these artists have sung about one of the major ways to romance your sweetheart. (If you’ve attended one of my Keeping Romance Alive events, you know it’s my favorite way of being romanced.)

The common theme is touch.

They’ve sung,

  • Holding you holds me together;
  • When will I hold you again;
  • Waitin’ is such misery, I need your touch;
  • I need your arms around me;
  • Wish I could hold you just for a little while.

Touch is a powerful way of romancing your sweetheart, especially if it’s your sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced. Brushing your hand against your sweetheart’s arm, holding your sweetheart’s hand, rubbing your sweetheart’s shoulders briefly pauses life and communicates that special bond between you.

Clinically speaking, the somatosensory system in our body can have up to 100 pressure receptors per cubic centimeter.

The non-sterile view understands touching connects and bonds us to each other.

Tracy O’ Connor at shares that touch gives us the sensory input we crave. For those who prefer being romanced through touch, those craving are probably above “average”.

Romantically touching your sweetheart isn’t about grandiosity. It’s creating little moments and special memories by putting your arms around your sweetheart, running your hands through her/his hair or laying your head on your sweetheart’s shoulder. It can turn an ordinary moment into a romantic one.

Find ways to gently, comfortably touch your sweetheart several times each day this week. Letting yourself touch and be touched by your sweetheart will create those special moments of affection between the two of you and help keep your romance alive.

Do you prefer to be touched romantically? If you’re not sure, you can order a CD I recorded and find out. Go to and look for “Discover Your Romantic Preference“. Robert

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