Bill O’Reilly, Communications and Romance

Bill O’Reilly concurrently interviews and debates people who oppose and support his views on TV’s The O’Reilly Factor. I may not always agree with him but appreciate his willingness to honor his interviewees.

This evening his skills went up in smoke.

He let his disagreement with someone’s point of view block communication. He interrupted her. She interrupted him. His face nearly turned red. She yelled back.

Frustration exploded. Communications ceased.

We’ve all been witnesses to, and participants in situations like this: at work, in social settings, with our kids, even with our sweetheart.

You might know how to romance your sweetheart with words. You use those words he/she cherishes to create special moments and memories between the two of you.

Sometimes it goes pear-shaped.

“I’m glad we’re together this evening. I love spending time with you.”
“You always say that just because you want something.”
“Why do you think I want something? I really do feel . . .”
“You don’t really feel that way. You just want . . . !”
“That’s not why I said . . . !!”
“Don’t play dumb with me!!! I know what you’re trying and . . . .”

Ever been there? Maybe not these exact words, but something similar?

Here’s a process Mr. O’Reilly might use if he again finds himself in the above situation.

  • Step away and take a (commercial) break.
  • After the break, discuss something else.
  • Internally, or externally as appropriate, acknowledge his part of the communications breakdown.
  • Learn from the episode.

I don’t know if Bill followed my suggestions. I turned the TV off.

I know you can use these suggestions when you and your sweetheart are in a similar situation. Do that and your next opportunity to romance your sweetheart with words can be more successful. Robert

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