Tough Valentine’s

You think your Valentine’s Day is tough?

In Peshawar, Pakistan, a group of students met to celebrate the international day of romance, Valentine’s. There were no public displays of affection. No one “hooking up”. Their celebration consisted of red balloons and cake.

Meanwhile, a group of students celebrated “Haya (Modesty) Day,” anti-Valentine’s Day. They didn’t’ agree with this romance stuff, thought it was immoral.

Trouble started when these two groups met. They fought over Valentine’s Day.

The first group of students believed celebrating romance was so important they came to blows and dodged rocks and bullets so they could celebrate.

You probably don’t have to hide from bullets to celebrate your relationship and romance with your sweetheart.

You may, however, endure your own type of impediments to romancing your sweetheart:

  • Your sweetheart’s passivity?
  • Time pushing against your efforts to be romantic?
  • Fear screaming “your attempts will be feeble and show weakness”?

In many ways, these impediments are as scary as fists and rocks from those who oppose the idea of romance and Valentine’s Day.

I encourage you to face whatever tries to minimize and/or restrict romance in your relationship.

  1. Ignore distractions which attempt to convince you romance isn’t important.
  2. Confront fears and doubts which arise to distract you and challenge your ability to romance your sweetheart.
  3. Grasp opportunities to romance your sweetheart, no matter the obstacles you meet.
  4. Romance your sweetheart now!

If a group of students who know little about romance are willing to fight to celebrate Valentine’s, you, who knows how to romance, can be willing to fight for the chance to romance your sweetheart. Something you might consider. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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