Long Distance Romance

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Bill and Karen are both actors. They met in a theatre on the Upper West Side of New York. Soon after becoming interested in each other, she was off on a national tour of “A Chorus Line.” He headed north for a show in New England.

And to make things more difficult, their romance began in the mid 1980s: nine years before email, 14 years before text messaging and about 20 years before Skype. And no cell phones.

Long distance relationships are challenging at best. In my experience, none have lasted more than a couple years. Maybe you’re familiar with that.

Could Bill and Karen keep their blossoming romance alive? How?

In a recent article by Whitney Spaner in Playbill, the couple revealed:

  • According to Bill Tatum, “Karen wrote great letters”.
  • According to Karen Ziemba, “Bill wrote beautiful letters, and every once in a while he’d write a romantic and funny poem”.

Obviously their romance overcame the separation and lack of our modern technological assistance. Today, though often separated by miles, they’re still together.

They shared their “secrets” for keeping their romance alive for over 30 years:

  • Supporting and listening to each other;
  • Laughing together; and
  • Talking on the phone daily, no matter what.

Bill and Karen still don’t depend on email or text messages to keep their romance alive. They rarely write letters.

What they do is talk every day on the phone. As Bill says, he cherishes the closeness hearing her voice brings.

Think there’s something we can learn from Bill and Karen about keeping romance alive.

Next time you’re tempted to believe the odds are against you for keeping romance alive with your sweetheart, remember these two. They’ve overcome the odds of careers in showbiz and spanned miles of separation through their commitment to keep their romance alive.

We can do that. Robert (Romance Alive).

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