A Magical Romance

They met at work and became a storybook romance.

Wayne landed his dream job playing a good guy character, the hero, loved by millions of kids and grandparents around the world.

Nine years after Wayne hit it big, Russi landed her dream job in the same company.

Russi’s life seemed charmed. In her younger years, she’d met Mr. Magic himself, Walt Disney just sitting on a bench in Disneyland (California).

Now she was the newbie and found herself working with veteran Wayne on the same projects.

At a difficult time in their lives and after a recording session, Wayne and Russi started talking and sharing. As she puts it, “we met in the hallway. We just blended really well.”

They continued spending more time together, enjoying each other’s company. About six years later they quietly married and shared life together until Wayne’s death.

Wayne and Russi’s life together had magic. Not only did they work and live together, as voice actors they portrayed an animated couple. Their characters had been together for years. While magical, there was also the belief from their audience they’d always be together, be happy and full of cheer.

Talk about stress. If their romance failed, they’d probably lose their jobs.

After Wayne’s death, Russi shared how they kept their romance alive for nearly two decades:

  • They laughed a lot.
  • They always had music in the house and were singing.
  • And even though they didn’t always record their voices at the same time, they always went to each other’s recording sessions.

They were committed to keeping their romance alive by being together and intentionally bringing joy and laughter into their relationship.

Their friends knew the couple as Wayne (Allwine) and Russi (Taylor).

You probably know the couple as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

For 18 years, Mickey and Minnie were married in real life and kept their magical romance alive. Robert (Romance Alive)

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