Anticipation in Romance

If Heinz Ketchup “flows” out of the classic glass bottle faster than 0.028 mph or about an inch every two seconds, it’s rejected for sale.

Ketchup aficionados believe Heinz is the best tasting ketchup. To add Heinz Ketchup to their hotdog, these aficionados wait longer than those dressing their dogs with “inferior” ketchups. During those extra seconds, anticipation for the rewarding taste builds. When that anticipated moment arrives, they’re satisfied with the unmistakable taste of Heinz.

Conversely, Noah didn’t wait for his ship to come in. He built one.

Noah didn’t wait for something to happen. He didn’t waste time anticipating the type of ship he’d see arrive. I’m grateful that instead of waiting for his ship to arrive, he went out and did something. He made it happen. He built the ark.

Some people take the Heinz Ketchup approach to romance.

They anticipate their sweetheart will romance them – eventually. They leave notes and drop hints, expecting their sweetheart to satisfy their anticipation. They daydream about the wonderful Romantic Interlude which may or may not happen.

Others take the Noah approach to romance.

No time for anticipation. Waiting is oversold. They make it happen. Pow! Here’s a Romantic Interlude. Boom! Time for another.

Truth is, it’s best to blend the Heinz Ketchup and Noah approaches. Use anticipation (Heinz) and take action (Noah).

  • Plan a Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart.
  • Casually drop hints to your sweetheart about your planned Interlude.
  • Take action and carry out on your plans

Planning a Romantic Interlude romancing your sweetheart how he/she wants to be romanced is most satisfying and keeps you focused on your sweetheart.

Dropping hints about your plans creates anticipation for your sweetheart.

Carrying out your Interlude creates a special moment between the two of you and leaves a special memory – Romance.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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