A Wedding and Preferences

San Ynez, California is not on most vacationer’s itinerary. You pretty much need a good reason to go there. Mine was my nephew’s wedding.

Upon arriving in San Ynez, Siri said the wedding site was another 9 miles off route 154 . . . along a lonely, winding road . . . which turned into a dirt road. Homing pigeons might have gotten lost. Then we missed the entrance to the ranch. Fortunately the lack of traffic allowed my brother to stop in the “middle” of the road and backup the 100 yards to the driveway.

The jokes and comments indicated none of us would have chosen this location for a wedding. It was hot in the day, cold at night, dry, dusty, isolated, and no one could “hear us now”.

Of course we’re weren’t Matthew or Ashley.

The setting fit them. It was rugged, remote and natural. The wedding felt laid back. Times were all approximate. Had a couple long conversations as I connected with those I hadn’t seen in decades.

I had no right to disparage their choices. It was their preference. Mine wasn’t important.

This wedding was a great reminder that one person’s preference isn’t right or wrong. It’s just different.

The same is true with romance.

  • I may prefer to be romanced with touch.
  • My sweetheart prefers time spent together.

Your preference might be different from mine and even your sweetheart’s, and that’s good.

When I acknowledged my nephew’s preference for a wedding (location, ceremony and participants) differed from mine, I let myself enjoy their choice of how to celebrate their new life together. It was their preference.

In your relationship, you can embrace and celebrate yours and your sweetheart’s differing romantic preferences.

I enjoy your comments. Robert

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